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The Pirate Captain: Death Before The Mast P3

“Ye ship is ours,” the good pirate called has he pulled his sword out of the timber of the main mast where it had bitten in after slicing through the neck of Captain Morgan

Despite being tied to the mast the dead body of Morgan slumped against the ropes that were holding it, blood dribbled down his black coat but it could barely be made out against the dark material. The timber mast where the good captain’s sword had been removed was stained a purplish red and bloody was dripping downward.

When Morgan’s lifeless head hit the timbers of the main deck it rolled to the starboard side with the list of the boat and didn’t stop until it thudded into the hull wall. There was a trail of wet blood tracing out a dotted path from where the head landed to it’s resting place. In a freak like last act of the defiance Morgan’s head had stopped, after it’s small rebound off the hull, upright and sitting on the stump of the neck. The severed head looked like it was poking up between the decking boards and the strange crooked smile and wide open eyes gave the illusion that it was still connected to a body below.

The crew all roared in unison, 200 crew all cheering their approval and showing support for their captain after the final defeat of their most hated enemy. Swords were waved in the air and when they touched each other a metallic clang rang out across the ship. Pistols were fired out to sea and the ringing of gun fire drowned out the clang of swords.

“Get me th’ ensign.” called the good captain.

Stepping over bodies and severed limbs three of the crew members rushed towards the rear of the ship to retrieve the flag for their captain, when they returned it was Grubby O’Greedy who handed the flag to his captain. Getting Grubby and Scurvy Pete to hold the flag open for all to see the good captain stood before it.

The large black flag was not the same flag Captain Morgan had sailed with before the mutiny and it’s the reason the good captain and crew didn’t recognise who was on their tail after finding the treasure or on the horizon as this morning dawned upon them. The new ensign of Morgan was a simple one, less complex than his last which was a red, white and blue ‘X’ with three crossed cutlasses and three skulls each missing the lower jaw. The flag before the good captain was a simple red and yellow cross in the top corner and two crossed cutlasses in the right.

“No long shall ’tis bastard’s ensign be recognised.” He called to the ship. “Wit’ th’ removal ‘o his head comes th’ removal ‘o his moniker. No longer shall th’ moniker ‘o cap’n Morgan be recognised upon th’ seven seas.” Called the captain, his crew cheered again but there time there was no gun fire to celebrate.

The good captain stood before the flag with his sword drawn, Morgan’s blood still dribbling down the length of it and making it a deep red colour before dripping small gobulets onto the deck. There was silence as he raised the sword slowly in the air. He paused it several inches above the black material and indicated for his two men to hold it tort. Then is several quick slashing movements he waved his sword in a sweeping motion across the surface of the flag tearing it and leaving several large gashes across the material.

“Wrap th’ bastard up ‘n send him to his watery grave!” The captain called as he sheathed his sword knowing there would be no elixir to save Morgan this time.

Grubby O’Greedy and Scruvy Pete laid the tattered cloth on the deck of the boat, Pete then stood up and began to untie the ropes that bound the headless Morgan to the main mast, when the ropes where free he pushed the body to the deck. With the body in the centre of the tattered flag Grubby stood up and went to retrieve the head.

“Aye Matey. Not th’ head. His body be goin’ below wit’ th’ crew but his head gunna be comin’ wit’ us!” Captain Morgan called when he realised what Grubby was doing.

The good captain had decided sometime between when Morgan’s head was freed of his body and said head coming to rest against the hull wall that he would forever separate the head from the body. The body would go down to the inky depths where it fell but the head would be thrown over board in the shark infested waters of Swampy Bay.

With their orders clear the two pirates set about their task. They rolled the headless body up in the torn flag, rolling the material as if they were rolling a cigarette. Once they had him rolled and wrapped they took the rope from beside the mast and secured him tightly like a close fitting blanket, he feet were then tied to a barrel of rum.

Little care was shown for the dead man and the wrapping in his own flag was nothing more than a symbolic gesture to bring an end to both the captain and his ship of fools. Two men then carried the body to the side of the side and two men carried the empty barrel.

“Ye were forced to walk th’ plank fer bein’ th’ worst cap’n in history, fer killin’ more men than th’ plague. Somehow ye escaped ye watery grave once, but ye shall not escape it again. Die ye useless scurvy bastard!” The good captain called as he gave the body it’s final shove into the dark blue ocean.

At the same time as the captain shoved the headless body wrapped in a flag, two men hefted the barrel over the side. The body hit the water first and immediately floated but the floating lasted less than a second as the heavy barrel broke the surface and dragged the body down with it. There was a roar of the crew again as they all leaned over the side of the boat to watch Morgan disappear.

With Morgan’s body gone the captain ordered the crew of the Privateer to begin cleaning up their newly acquired ship. The crew set to work, severed limbs were hurled overboard one at a time, some of the crew making it a competition to see who could throw body parts the furthest. Bodies being heavier and sometimes harder to handle were simple pushed off the edge through the hatchway and dumped directly below into the deep blue ocean. There wasn’t enough weight on the ship to weigh down every crew member and a few of the bodies thumped off the hull with a dull thud as they fell, eventually they would all sink to the bottom or be eaten by sea creatures, but it was not a concern of the Privateer crew.

Once the second ship was cleaned of bodies, but not of blood, the blood which would fade with time was left as a reminder of their victory the captain then split his crew in two and gave the second mate orders to steer their new ship home.

Two days later the Privateer and a ship with no name sailed into the docks beside the castle in the air.

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  1. Yeah well, I could’a done without the graphic decapitation; but Grubby O’Greedy made up for that.

  2. Aidin

    Good job, it was entertaining and I didn’t mind the gory details, in fact, I think it made it realistic.

    • Thanks. I didn’t think I went that gory actually but maybe that’s because I’ve gone a lot more gory in other things I’ve written.

      But at the end of the day they are pirates and if the story continues and descriptions are needed I’ll do my best to describe them in detail.

  3. Nah, wasn’t gory. It didn’t even shiver me timbers! It was vengeful, and it IS a pirate story, so expected. I like the idea of keeping both body parts separate, or else he may reappear, or he might anyway. What’s next, L? I love the characters names, especially Grubby.

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