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The Long Pee

bad poetry

There was this girl over the sea
Last I heard from her she was having a pee
‘Twas 36 hours ago she said not to fuss
But if she’s still stuck on the john I’m sure she will cuss
A day and a half is a long time to sit
Even for one whose decided to shit

I hope for her sake she has a good book
Because having no entertainment would surely be crook
She was last heard making comments on a post ‘twas so fine
Modesty forbids me telling you, the post it was mine
After so many hours her phone batt may be flat
Her legs will be sore, I hope she hasn’t gone splat!

‘Twas at work she was known to be doing the deed
I promise you I’m not trying to deceive or mislead
If you are her boss could you knock on the door
Call out her name, listen for a big snore
If there’s only one restroom I hope there is not a backlog
Because your star worker may’ve fallen asleep on the bog

Comments have not been made, my page is so bare
Surely she hasn’t mistaken the loo for her chair
No story, no prose, no poem, no picture, no post
Her own blog is quiet, there’s no one engrossed.
Where are the words and where are the thoughts
Surely she’s not waiting for her own office rorts

Maybe she’s a waiting because she’s run out of paper
If only she could use her phone as a scraper
If she’s stuck in there too long she might want to hurl
So please Mr Boss man go and call on your girl
I promise you I’m not trying to be funny.
The girl you are missing is stuck on the dunny.

I guess there’s a chance she could have a life.
For all I know she could have found a new wife.
But that doesn’t explain why the comment section is barren
Unless her new wife likes to be called Sharon.
Maybe Sharon should stop being archaic
After all everyone does love the tile mosaic.

I know that this little ditty sounds like a bit of a giggle
But it’s no laughing matter stuck on the loo trying to squiggle
Your legs get all sore and your butt gets all numb
Then you can’t feel someone paddling your bum
And there is nothing worse than not feeling a good paddle
When you know later in bed you want to get in the saddle

So please Mr Bossman take a quick look in the potty
There is a girl that’s not been seen she she last went sqautty
Please Mr Bossman you need to look after your staff
I promise you this is not just some kind of laugh
Please Mr Bossman go and check on all the dunny door locks
Because there’s a woman in there stuck on the thunder box!

No I didn’t put Symbiosis in this post


  1. ROFL…… agaIn ROFL …… can’t stop laughing….

  2. Lol…. don’t start that again. You are crazy! Not asylum crazy, your kissable, huggable,
    Lovable, unbelievable crazy. “BIG smile”. Thank you for missing me!

    • Well I hope you washed your hands 🙂

      I’m surprised how quickly it came together, I think I only spent about 20 minutes writing it. It was a light hearted finish to a heavy weekend of writing. I did have another episode of something ready last night but just before dinner I decided to throw those words together and see what they came out like. After dinner I didn’t write anything 🙂

  3. Hilarious! This is a dose for joy and happiness. It’s good to laugh….

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