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The Day The Music Lived: Over The Top


So it turns out Lemmy didn’t want me to steal him band T-shirts from work, which I suppose was fair enough, they didn’t seem to want for anything in Angel City so why he’d want some guy to nick band T-shirt very few people would see didn’t really seem right. Lemmy’s plans were ninimal but a little bit more in depth and thought out than stealing a few T-shirt and as I ate my breakfast he explained that plan to me.

“As I told you yesterday we did have visitor not long back who didn’t last long here because he figured he could record our shows and sell them as long lost bootlegs.” Lemmy started in his gravelly voice. “Not that we need money or anything but the prick wasn’t even prepared to offer us a cut, he figured he keep it a secret from us.”

Lemmy went on to explain that while no harm would come to me for attempting such under hand acts returning to Angel City wouldn’t happen and I’d forget all about place the second I tried to do something that could risk the sanctity of Angel City. They had no idea how such things happened but they knew it happened. What was their proof? That was easy, no ‘bootleg’ recordings had surfaced and Angel City still existed.

“So what is it I can do for you?” I asked.

“Well you’re a journo aren’t you?” Lemmy asked although he knew the answer.

“Yeah, although I like to think of myself more as a an expert correspondent who writes hard hitting and truthful articles that people want to read.”

All three of the boys laughed and laughed hard but while the comment was said somewhat tongue in cheek I honestly didn’t think it was that funny!

“Well at least you have a sense of humour!” Philthy said as he recovered from his laughing.

“So you want me to write some stories about you? Wouldn’t that be the same thing as recording shows and trying to sell them?”

“Dunno, I guess we’ll find out when you don’t come back.” Würzel laughed.

“Well you might, but I wont,” I stated. I had finished my breakfast and was taking a sip of my coffee but I was starting to get a little bit tired of the game. “Maybe we should just cut to the chase and you can tell me why you chose me.”

I could see the three of them were having a bit of fun with me and I don’t blame them, if I’d have been on the other side of the fence I’d probably have laughed along with the game.

The thing that was resting uneasily in my mind was that I knew I could take nothing back with me, well at least not things like the never ending packet of Marlboros or the never ending glass of Jack Daniels and Coke. I also assumed, or hoped, that I wasn’t taking an addictions home because the indication that a previous visitor was possibly able to take back recordings of the band seemed to me to indicate that taking something back was possible.

“Nah, seriously man, it’s nothing that drastic.” Würzel said after a few minutes silence by which time my coffee cup was empty, “We just need some help.”

“What sort of help?” I asked wondering if I was ever going to get an answer.

Honestly I didn’t need a answer for myself but I do need to fill in this episode with a bit of fluff that gives you a reason for why I stayed and kept coming back for future episodes. Does that sound weird? Well it’s kind of true, because lets face it you, the reader, will eventually want to know what it is that kept me going back to Angel City and if I get to episode 55 and failed to mention it you’d be confused. Whereas if I go to the trouble to fluff it out now when I do get to episode 55 I’ll have more time for the interesting parts of the story not the fluff pieces.

It’s the explanation and the reasoning that Lemmy gave me that convinced me I needed to do this for them, but not only that I needed to do it for myself. Sure I couldn’t tell all my friends at home that I was now friends with Lemmy Kilmister, Philthy Phil Taylor and Michael ‘Würzel’ Burston, kind of like having a few Facebook friends that you change your settings for so your real friends can’t see them, but that’s a small price to pay.

And there was other upsides to my situation too, things like being able to drink Jack Daniels and smoke, two things I really do enjoy no matter what the health kick junkies have to say about it, the ability to get away from the real world and all it’s concerns but most of all the opportunity to see a Motorhead gig every time I visited. Now I do understand that not all of you would see that as a good thing but honestly if you haven’t ever seen a Motorhead show then it’s hard to explain why that is such a good thing. The best way I can describe it is to imagine you’re the mother of 3 kids under 5 and you just have to go and see every Wiggles concert when they come to town, not because the kids like songs and Dorothy the Dinosaur but because Mum needs to perve on young men in skivvies.

So as you can see the positives definitely out weigh any negatives you nay sayers could come up with and added to that the reasons Lemmy gave me and I’m sure you can see why I’ve made the choices I have, what uses they had for me and why the need someone like me.

“So are you up for this now it’s all been explained to you?” Lemmy asked.

I didn’t even need to think about the answer, of course I was in.

I knew my life was going to change, I lived in the city and commuting to Angel City even once a week was going to take a chunk out of my time, not because of the time spent there, even you know by now that real world time stops in Angel City, but Angel City was still a 300km trip from home. The company who owned the magazines I worked for had suggested before that working from home was an option for me, supposedly for my benefit but I’m not silly enough to not see the truth. With me and my fellows journos only visiting office they didn’t need any real office space which in turn would save them money as they downsized to an office only big enough for management. Working from home gave me a little more freedom but it was still going to have a massive effect on things.

So I’m glad I got all that out of the way and you now know as much about Angel City as I do and why I chose to continually return to the place. I’m also glad you’re no longer confused and have no further questions, now I can get on with the entertaining parts of the story.

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  1. ROFL….. this is a hilarious chapter. ❤ I laughed out loud. Very entertaining! : )

    • Thanks. I thought I explained everything really well 🙂 There should be no questions about how Angel City works or what they need an outsider now 🙂

      I often find myself trying to figure out how Stephen King and the like explain supernatural/alien/unexplainable stories to make them believable and I’ve come to the conclusion they don’t often do it. So I thought I’d try the same here, write and write about it then try to convince the reader they understand something that isn’t there.

      I think the term is “Baffle them with bullshit!”

  2. Okay, smartie, done reading and know nothing, like Schultz in “Hogans Heroes”.

  3. I take it the journo doesn’t have a wife & kids. Or do we have to wait until episode 55? Or have you already mentioned that & I forgot?

    • TBH I have no idea what his home life is like. I hadn’t thought about it, I was too busy explaining the hows and why of Angel City is such detail so that no one could be confused 🙂

  4. I like the way you slipped into a little writing lesson.

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