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The Pirate Captain: Death Before The Mast

He always woke up early at sea, the first light of morning reflecting off the ocean and through the tiny port hole in his cabin always ensuring he was up before the sun. The fair maiden, although quite attached to her late morning sleep ins, wanted to experience more and more of the pirate life and when her pirate captain told her the day before that the Privateer would be leaving port at sunset for forty eight hours of training and exercises, she jumped at the chance to be part of the journey. She also jumped at the chance for an early morning quickie at sea whenever she got a chance. Feeling her loving captain move in the bed beside her she instantly decided it was time for one of those early morning quickies.

“Aye, come back here me old ea salt!” She said as she reached over and grabbed him on the shoulder before he rolled out of bed.

Ever obedient towards his fair maiden the captain rolled onto his back and looked her in the eye. “Aye, me dear. ’tis the hour to be gettin’ out ‘o bed. Thar be things to be doin’.”

“You’re right there is,” she whispered as she rolled over on top of him, it was at that moment he realised his fair maiden was naked.

He felt her warm soft skin as their bodies touched with only his clothes between them, as her lips got closer to his his excitement was built quickly. With thoughts of work outside the cabin the furtherest thing from his mind the pirate captain shuffled under his fair maiden until his long johns were around his ankles. Naked from the waist down he then set about a different kind of job, the job of satisfying his lady.

Their kisses were deep, passionate and hot as their bodies rubbed against each other. No sooner had his lips moved from her lips to her neck, just below her left ear, than she started to breath heavier and moan quietly. He knew light kisses and gently nibbles on her neck drove her crazy and like any good pirate his aim was true and straight.

“Oh my!” she groaned in his ear.

With his knees in the air and his feet close to his arse he thrust upwards, again and again and again. Together their moans became louder with every second. Their bodies became one as they drove themselves closer and closer to release, moans turned to pants, pants turned to screams. When the release finally came our two sweaty young lover’s bodies writhed together under the covers, both were out of breath, and both were smiling with pleasure. They lay like that gently kissing and holding each other close until their breath came back.

“I really must be gettin’ myself on deck me dear.” the pirate captain said eventually.

“Yes my dear, and I too shall be there within minutes.” she replied as she rolled off him.

“Cap’n thar be a ship comin’ from th’ south west,” came the cry from the crows nest.

Pulling his spy glass out from the loop it hung on around his waist the good captain extended the eye piece to it’s fullest then looked left. Sure enough on the flat ocean, way out on the horizon, he could see the ship, he could make out little details of the ship but he could see it there.

“What be her headin’?” The captain called.

“Straight fer us!” yelled the voice from the crows nest.

As the fair maiden made her way onto the navigation deck the pirate captain was readying his crew for battle.

“’Tis be no longer a learnin’ exercise, if these scurvy bastards want a fight they have one. Prepare fer battle me crew!” the captain yelled to his crew. Until he could see the ensign on the rear of the ship he had no idea if battle would be required but he was not going to be unprepared.

While the reports from the crows nest came regularly the crew on deck readied themselves for battle. Cannons were loaded and set, extra ammunition was brought up from the lower stores and stacked within easy reach of the cannons and the crew began lining the main deck in a show of strength.

Throughout the time it took for his crew to prepare the captain regularly looked though his spy glass to keep an eye on the on coming foe but it wasn’t until they were nearly within firing distance that a the shifting sea turned the on coming ship just enough to see the tail mounted ensign. Although the ensign still didn’t reveal to the captain who the ship belonged to he instantly recognised it as the same ensign on the ship he’d last seen hitting the sand bank as the Privateer fled with a belly full of loot only a week before. Hitting the sand bank obviously hadn’t ruined the boat, just slowed it’s progress enough to let the Privateer escape and now they had found them again.

“Fire across th’ bow, let them be knowin’ we gunna not be taken!” cried the captain giving the order to open the attack. The warning shot did nothing, the ship continued on it course. “Fire again!”

Canon fire roared from the lower deck, the large ship rocking on the water with every blast. Some cannon balls went wide, some went high and some landed on deck but the ship kept coming. The pirate captain was furious, nothing was working, nothing was stopping the forward momentum of the ship and within minutes the ship was so close they could touch each other.

As the two hulls crashed together with a deafening crunch the pistols were drawn, swords were raised and the crew on both ships screamed at the top of their voices.

“Death before the mast!” the catch dry of all pirates ready to go down fighting under their own mast.

At such a close distance both captains knew cannon fire was too dangerous, not just to their foe but to themselves as well. All crew were summoned to the main deck, the captain and his fair maiden stood on the navigation deck and for the first time they were able to see the captain foe.

“It can’t be!” the good captain said

As the ships sat together both crews were dead silent, the only noise was the ocean lapping against the hulls and the ships crashing together on the moving sea. Although the two crews didn’t recognise each other the majority of the crew on the Privateer recognised the captain of the unknown ship.

“Aye, I have been huntin’ ye fer many a day! Revenge shall finally be mine!” called the captain from the second ship.

The fair maiden looked at the good captain and asked what he meant by that. For the first time since he’d known the fair maiden he ignored her question, not out of ignorance but out of surprise. While the fair maiden had no reason to recognise the opposing captain the good captain did, it was a blast from the past, a man they never thought they’d see again controversy was about to ensue.

“Well here I be ye rotten scurvy bastard, come ‘n get me!” he called.

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  1. A blast from the past? Can’t wait!☺

  2. Yum! It’s so nice the Captain has himself a girl. Nicely done there, LP. Everyone’s smiling!! : ).

  3. Good connections are important.

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