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The Day The Music Lived: The Watcher

Jack Daniels

When I woke up the following morning it took me several minutes to remember where I was. The huge bed, the huger (I invented that word) TV screen, the pristine walls, I knew couldn’t afford a hotel like that and I was fairly sure there wasn’t too many like it in regional Victoria where I was holidaying. Then it hit me, the back of my palm on my forehead, as I remembered where I was.

I was in Angel City, the home of the three dead members of the band Motorhead. How I got there was easy, Lemmy hitched a ride with me in a regional Victorian town I wont name and I drove there, how they got there was still a huge mystery, nearly as big as the mystery of how our Jack Daniels glasses automatically refilled and our smoke packets refilled.

I looked for a clock but couldn’t see one so I grabbed the remote control, turned the TV on and tried to hunt out a channel with the time on it. When I eventually found a channel that displayed the time I found out it was 7:07am. I sat up and looked around the room the only thing that had changed since I went to bed was that my bags where sitting on the floor next to the bed. I hadn’t heard any one enter my room and I hadn’t asked anyone to get them, in truth the only three people I’d seen since arriving were Lemmy, Phil and Würzel and I certainly didn’t ask them to collect my bags.

I decided I would have a shower before contemplating my next move. I was actually hanging out to speak to Lemmy, he’d promised me the night before that he was going to tell me why it was he’d chosen me and what task he had chosen me for, but a shower needed to come first.

I’d never been in a shower so big, some of the motels I’d been staying in on my trip around Victoria had showers so small I could barely move in yet the shower in Angel City I could nearly throw a party. Not only was it big it had multiple jets that could be aimed anywhere, it was like a full body shower massage. I had suspicions that just like the never ending packets of smokes and the never empty whiskey glass a natural resource like water wouldn’t be in short supply, but I still didn’t spend as long in the shower as I could have.

Dry and wrapped in a towel I left the bathroom and headed back into the room to get some clothes out of my bag, three minutes later I was dressed in a pair of shorts and a Phil Campbell and The Bastard Son’s T-shirt. It felt a little bit corny to be wearing a band shirt advertising the surviving guitarist of Motorhead’s new band but it was pretty much all I had left clean in my bags. I ran a hair brush through my hair then stepped back into the bathroom to brush my teeth, not that I noticed it at the time but the clothes I had left on the floor while I had my shower where gone when I went back to brush my teeth.

I grabbed the TV remote and sat on the couch at the end of the bed and went searching for a news channel. I was a getting a bit hungry and was thinking that breakfast would be a good idea but because I hadn’t asked if or when there was breakfast the previous night before turning in I was somewhat hesitant to make my way out of the room. I kept channel surfing looking for news, I lost count of the number of channels I’d scanned when I realised that looking for news was probably a pointless effort. Lemmy had told me that time worked differently in Angel City, no matter how much time I spent in the place whenever I returned to the ‘real world’ time would restart from when I left, therefore there would be no possibly way to have a news channel in Angel City like they do at home.

Finding nothing to watch on TV I decided it was time to leave the room and go in search of food. I stood up from the couch, placed the remote on the bedside table and walked over to the door. I grabbed the door handle and began to turn it, I was nervous but I don’t really know why because Lemmy and the boys had not given me a single reason to be nervous, I guess it had something to do with not knowing where I was going.

I stepped out of the room and into the hallway there was no one else in sight, not that I expected there to be. I walked along the hallway back to the huge double staircases that lead to the foyer and down the stairs. Standing in the huge foyer I had no idea where I was going to go for food. I knew where the auditorium, the cinema and the bar was but I didn’t think either of those three places were the best place to get breakfast.

It was just as I was starting to play a game of eeny miny mo to help me choose a hallway to walk down when I heard music coming from down the left hand hallway, it was faint but it was definitely music. I decided to follow my ears. As I walked the music got louder, not dramatically but louder with every step. The closer I got the more familiar the music sounded but I couldn’t place it, I knew I’d heard it before but I didn’t think it was something I owned, maybe something I had previewed for the magazine.

When I finally reached the door in which the music was behind it finally dawned on me who the band was, it was the Barb Wire Dolls, a band signed to Motohead Music, the band’s own label after Lemmy took a shine to their music. The music was indication enough to me that that was the door I needed to go through, so I did.

On the other side of the door was a huge dinning table, there must have been thirty seats around it, Lemmy, Phil and Würzel sat at one end of the table. The music dipped in volume as I walked in.

“Hey, nice shirt,” Lemmy said in his gravely English voice, “Sit down and have some breakfast.”

I walked towards them wondering how I was going to get breakfast and what I could have. Lemmy must have seen my questionable look because he then told me about the computer screen and ordering system which was on the wall behind him. All I had to do was pick any one of the items on the list, press a button and wait thirty seconds for the meal to be delivered on a dumb waiter type system.

When I sat down at the table with a large plate of eggs, bacon, toast and a coffee I was actually wondering if the plate had enough food on it because I was ravenous. I was just about to swallow my first mouthful of bacon when Lemmy spoke up again.

“Have you seen them live?”

“Huh?” I said before realising he was referring to my T-shirt with his former band mate of more than 30 years new band on it. “Nah, not yet, I’ve seen a few Youtube videos and heard a few songs but I haven’t been overseas in nearly two years.”

“Yet you bought the T-shirt?” Philthy Phil asked, “That’s dedication.”

“Yeah I’d like to say that, but in all honesty it was a freebie that came into the magazines promo department, but I did have to steal it out from under Rhonda’s nose!”

The boys all laughed and went back to their breakfast and that silence remained until Lemmy finished his breakfast at which time he said. “That T-shirt proves I picked the right person to bring back here.”

“You picked me because I have good taste in T-shirts, or because I steal T-shirts?” I asked wondering what he meant.

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  1. “Dry and wrapped in a towel…”.
    “Dry and wrapped in a towel…”.
    “Dry and wrapped in a towel…”.

    Sorry, I got stuck right there for a moment! Whew… carry on! : ).

  2. Ok, where did the orgasmatron go? I was waiting for it in the shower, or in the towel……you ARE a poor sport and a tease.

  3. Least you got hair & teeth.

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