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The Day The Music Lived: To Good To Be True


After Motorhead left the stage, the Angel City version of the band not the real world version (read back if you need to), I waited in my seat until the house lights came on. Looking around the auditorium I could see the curtains on the stage had been drawn so that the band’s equipment could not be seen. If the house lights were not enough to tell me the band was not coming back on stage the curtain definitely was.

I got out of my seat and headed to the bar, because the alcohol had no real effects in Angel City I was drinking Jack Daniels for the taste alone and I have to say I was developing one hell of a taste for it. When I got to the bar there was a freshly made drink sitting on the bar, Jack Daniels, coke and ice. I picked up my drink and turned around to see Lemmy, Phil and Würzel walking towards me.

“Great gig guys,” I wanted to add that I had never seen them play so well together but I actually hadn’t seen them ever play together live on stage, my first concert was two years before the three of them were in the band together and I didn’t get to see them again until the late 90’s.

Each of the three members stepped up to the bar and grabbed drinks that were sitting on the bar for them. Despite such a high energy gig they were not sweating or even out of breath in the slightest, I assumed Angel City had something to do with that as well but I didn’t bother asking.

“Yeah was a good gig ‘cept for when Phil hit that bum note during Angel City.” Lemmy said in his gravelly English accent.

Laughing Würzel added, “Of all the songs to fuck up he’s gotta do it to that one!”

“Argh, piss orf both of ya! Ya sounds like a broken record” Philthy Phil said before he downed a large gulp of whisky.

All four of us drank our drinks as we leaned against the bar.

“Do you play any instruments Phil?” Würzel asked as I retrieved my refilled glass from the bar.

“Huh? What the fuc..”

“Not you Phil, this Phil,” Würzel added when Philthy answered before I got a chance.

When the laughter between us settled down I told the guys that I could play a few notes on a guitar and I could beat a drum kit but neither of them should be considered a talent.

“Maybe you could teach Lemmy to sing?” Philthy piped up before anyone else had a chance to talk.

Lemmy nodded, “Imagine all the remasters we could do if I could actually sing!”

“Yeah right, we couldn’t even sell ourselves as a Motorhead cover band without that voice Lem!” Würzel said.

When Lemmy placed his empty drink on the bar and began walking away he told us that he was headed to bed.

“You have to sleep in Angel City?” I asked before I realised I was speaking.

“Well you don’t have to, but hey I’ve been doing it for so many years, I’m kind of used to it.” Lemmy said.

As Lemmy wandered off towards the door the three of us stood around finishing our own drinks.

“Must be a bummer getting old and having to go to bed so early!” Philty said when Lemmy was out of the room.

There was only four years between Lemmy and Phil and not many more between Phil and Würzel but it was obvious that there was very few jokes off limits when the three of them got going.

“So, you wanna bed Phil?” Phil asked me as our drinks approached empty.

“Yeah I guess so, I haven’t been doing it as long as Lemmy but I’m kind of used to doing it as well.”

“Let’s get out of here and find you a room.” Phil said putting his glass on the bar.

Würzel and I did the same thing with our glasses and all three of us headed for the door. Only a few steps from the bar I turned around to see if the glasses had been refilled.

Both Würzel and Phil chuckled to each other, “You’ll get used to it one day and you’ll stop trying to catch this place out.” Phil said as he patted me on the back.

We walked out of the auditorium and along the eastern wing back towards the large foyer, as Phil and I took the right hand staircase up to the second level Würzel took the left hand staircase, half way up he looked across and made a comment about using both sides so the carpet wore evenly. When we got to the top there was a wing to both the left and right of us. I couldn’t see exactly how many doors there were in either wing but there had to be at least fifteen of them before the hallway turned at right angles.

“Pick a room, any room.” Würzel said waving his arm in both directions.

“Which ones are yours?” I asked intending to be polite and not barge into one that was already occupied.

“All of them!” Phil said, “nah serious man just pick one and it’s yours, that’s what we do.”

In the short time I had spent with the Phil I was beginning to be able to pick his facial expressions and mannerisms and I could tell he was serious about what he said.

When the other two started walking down the right wing I followed them, we weren’t far into the hallway when I realised every door was exactly the same, I guess that stands to reason in a large building but for some reason I was surprised by it.

About five rooms along Phil walked up to a door, put his hand on the knob and said, “Seriously man if you want to sleep just pick a room, doesn’t matter which they are all the same. If you want to keep wandering the place feel free to do that also. I’m going to bed I’ll catch ya in the morning.”

“Ok night Phil, and thanks.” I replied as Phil stepped into his room and shut the door.

Three rooms further down and on the other side of the hallway Würzel chose his room leaving me alone in the long hallway. I wasn’t scared but I was definitely getting tired. I turned around looked up and down the hallway and decided the doorway in front of me, opposite Würzel, was just as good as any.

I opened the door and walked in and was blown away, well not literally but you know what I mean. The room was huge, at least fifteen metres across, there was a huge, had to be king size at least, four poster bed on the left hand wall, there was what appeared to be antique, but may not have been, drawers and cabinets, the white carpets were all plush and felt soft under foot and the white paint of the walls felt so bright I wondered if they would glow when the lights were out. There was a door on the back wall that I assumed went off to a toilet and bathroom and there was a TV which I guessed had to be bigger than 100 inches hanging on the wall in front of the bed, there was also a couch at the end of the bed.

I was quite buggered, it had been a long day, and while I didn’t feel that tired whilst I was in the auditorium now that there was a bed in front of me I was really feeling the effects of tiredness hitting me.I went to the bathroom where I found a huge shower, a massive spa bath big enough for at least ten people, a toilet and a sink. I went to the toilet then returned to the sink to wash my hands and saw a green toothbrush and some toothpaste sitting behind the taps, since my stuff was still in the car I figured they were mine to use.

Less than ten minutes later I was laying under a single sheet on the bed, for such a big house it was surprisingly warm inside, the lights had dimmed automatically when I climbed into the bed and I found the remote control for the TV on the beside table. I began channel surfing without a great deal of interest because I was still thinking about what Lemmy had said about discussing my uses the following morning. I’m not sure exactly how long I lasted but I don’t think it was long before I fell asleep.

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  1. Interesting story. I think buggered has just become my new favorite word. : )

    • Thanks, I’m actually struggling with it. I have an idea of where it was heading but there’s a gap I can’t fill. I spent most of yesterday afternoon struggling to fill the gap because I feel if I don’t fill the gap the background of the story doesn’t make sense.

      Buggered means something different (well sort of) here. Buggered as in “can’t be buggered” means can’t be bothered. Buggered as in “that’s buggered” means that something is fucked (which by definition could mean the same as the other term for buggered)

      But the Kiwi’s summed it up best in this ad from the 90’s

  2. I think this is my favorite of the series about Lemmy and the band. Curiosity killing me.

  3. Great story! I loved the picking of the rooms!

  4. Would most people drink just for the taste? I think most people drink for the buzz, and would miss it.there is something I can’t put my finger on here.

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