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The Pirate Captain: The Huntmaster

After their talk on balcony where the good pirate captain told his fair maiden of the curse that had befallen him when he and his mutinous crew overpowered captain Morgan and took his ship, the fair maiden decided there had to be something that could be done so she set off to do some research.

While the fair maiden did her research the good captain carried on with things as he was expected to do. The truth was that while the curse hung over his head like a darkened cloud that never drifted away he’d long ago given up letting it consume him. In his first week of captaincy he barely had a chance to think about it as things started to change and his crew expected him to lead them.

It wasn’t until their first stay on shore two weeks after the mutiny that his mind finally had time to rest, it was then, while he sat in the tavern drinking rum until the wee hours of the morning that his mind took over. For three full days his mind circled around the idea of the curse until it got too much to handle and he rounded up the crew and hit the seas to forget.

The more time the good pirate captain spent at sea, looting ships, finding treasure and locked in battle the less he thought about the curse. The times he did think about it it became less of a burden and more of a driving force, he was sure he couldn’t beat the curse but he sure as hell wasn’t going to let it take him before he’d taken what he could from this world.

Many of the crew were still with him from the day of the mutiny, some had moved on, some had even succumbed to power of the sword and were swimming down in Davy Jones Locker but they all knew of the curse. The good pirate even warned new crew members of the curse before they joined the ranks in case they got caught up in the final revenge, yet none of them ever spoke about it or let it stop them and as time rolled on The Privateer became the ship every pirate wanted to crew on.

It wasn’t until the speech on the balcony where the good captain told his fair maiden of the curse that the curse had been spoken of not aboard the ship. He wasn’t disappointed that he told her, especially given that she’d promised to play more of a role aboard the ship when it sailed but he was wondering where she disappeared to so soon after his story was finished.

“Aye my good pirate captain darling!” it was a corny line but she was happy to use it.

“Me dear fair maiden whar have ye be, I was startin’ to get concerned. I was worried I’d upset ye wit’ th’ speak ‘o th’ curse.”

“I ‘ave been researching.” she replied dropping a few pirate-ism into her normal speaking voice without realising it.

“Researchin’ what, me dear?”

“Th’ curse, and I know who can be removing it.”

The fair maiden went on to explain how she’d found abstract references to a man the history books referred to as the Huntmaster. He’d lived more than a thousand years, he was a man of honour, but he was a man who swore revenge on every last traitor in the world for he himself had been condemned to the pit for crimes he did not commit. The history books did not explain it well but after more than thirty years trapped in the pit when the Huntmaster finally escaped he also escaped with a mystical power, the power to remove unfairly cast curses. Some reports say that it was a trait passed on by a shaman trapped with him, some say it was stolen from the a mystic man within the camp who he killed before escaping but there was nothing confirmed.

“Aye, but he’s a myth, me dear.” the pirate captain said as he put his arm around his fair maiden thankful for her effort but no more hopeful of removing the curse than he’d even been.

“It’s not a myth me dear, it’s true. In all the research I did I found many, many references to the Huntmaster and what he was able to do. So much of it sounded like the stuff myths were made of and even I was beginning to think it was just, then I found the most obscure of references, so obscure it was written in French.”

“Ye read French?” the pirate captain asked.

“Yes me dear, and not just that I was able to understand the references and what was required to summon the Huntmaster.”

“Ye can summon th’ Huntmaster?” the pirate captain asked his fair maiden.

“Yes! And not only that, I did! He’s in the dinning hall.”

The good pirate captain could not believe his eyes as he walked into the dinning hall. Standing next to the huge open fire place was a man dressed in a long black over coat. The pirate captain looked the stranger up and down taking in what he saw.

Dark black scuffed boots, long faded black jacket which hung past the top of his boots and was buttoned up all the way to the neck line, a greyish bushy beard that hid his facial features and curled it’s way down his chest and a black hat with a skull and cross bones on it that hid his eyes. The captain could see nothing yet some how he knew the man standing before his was in fact the Huntmaster.

“Be tellin’ me ye story young scurvy pirate. I gunna decide whether ye be worthy.” The Huntmaster said before the good captain was able to speak.

Although the pirate captain took a seat at the table the Huntmaster remained standing barely wavering on his feet as the captain told his story. The captain didn’t want to waste time, didn’t want to bore the Huntmaster with trivial details but he had to tell the whole story if he had any chance for the curse to be taken from him.

His speech took nearly an hour, several times the good captain repeated himself as he tried to get all the facts laid out but not once did the Huntmaster speak. When the story was told the good captain sat at the table unsure whether he should talk or remain silent. The fair maiden sat beside him holding his hand and watching the unmoving Huntmaster, they could only hope he was thinking about the story he’d just been told but since they hadn’t seen him move the entire time they couldn’t tell for sure.

“Why be it ye think I be condonin’ mutiny?” The Huntmaster said breaking the silence after nearly ten minutes.

The captain thought he explained the story well enough, he thought he’d provided enough proof for the Huntmaster to see that Captain Morgan could not be let lead the ship any longer.

“It may have be mutiny but in leadin’ that mutiny I allowed more than 100 men to sail another day.” the pirate captain replied.

There was silence for another five minutes before the Huntmaster said. “The curse shall be removed.” then in a cloud of smoke he disappeared.

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  1. I’m enjoying this story. Interesting twist. : )

    • Thanks, I’m struggling with it a little bit. It’s not that I don’t like what I write but I feel like I’m not giving it 100%, I don’t really know why though.

  2. Great! And now he’s free, or is he? Are they? Only the nose knows…..hahahaha…..HAhahaha………(evil grin)

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