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The Day The Music Lived: We Are Motorhead

Jack Daniels

I was going to a Motorhead gig!!
I hadn’t been able to say that for quite a few years, although I’d been a fan of Motorhead since my teenage years I’d only gotten to see them twice in Australia and four times overseas when I covered some big open air festivals for an Aussie heavy metal magazine. The big difference seeing them tonight, apart from not having Phil Campbell and Mickey Dee in the band because they were both still alive and well, was that the gig was going to be just for me.

“Why are you doing a gig when there is no one else around?” I asked the boys before they left the bar.

“We do it every night.” Philthy said.

“You play a gig to no one every night?” I asked

“Well you gotta keep ya’ ear in man!” Würzel added.

“Nothing wrong with a 3 hour jam session before bed!” Lemmy said in his gravelly English accent. “Besides sometimes we have guests.”

I asked about the guests but none of the three elaborated further so I decided not to push the matter. “Am I suppose to do anything while you prepare for the gig?”

“Sit here and keep drinking if you like. Or there is a cinema in in the southern wing in you want to watch something. Do whatever you like man! We go on at 8, if you want to watch feel free to drop by.”

As if I was going to miss my chance to see a Motorhead gig, of course I was going to be there, if I could find the auditorium. After the band was gone I finished my drink and placed the empty glass on the bar. I watched the empty glass to see if it was refilled but it didn’t happen so I turned away and turned back remembering that the glasses were never refilled while I was watching. I wasn’t shocked when I turned back and saw the glass had been removed, because the band’s glasses had been removed when they left. I was however left wondering how the bar, or whatever it was knew I had finished drinking.

While I wandered the mansion looking for the cinema, more out of interest than wanting to watch something I found myself thinking about Lemmy’s words when he first mentioned the gig. “We’ll discuss your uses more tomorrow,” was the words he used. I didn’t think much about them at the time but as I walked around by myself they suddenly came back to me. What did Lemmy mean? What uses could I have that would be beneficial? I really didn’t have an answer to that question and my thoughts were somewhat halted when I found the huge cinema.

Remember when I told you that the mansion was big? Well I wasn’t joking and I wish I could show you a picture of it but photographs taken in Angel City don’t transport back, I’ll tell you about that one day. Until then you’ll have to accept that it’s huge and not only that the cinema was but one of fifteen rooms in the southern wing of the mansion. As an aide to help you picture the size of it the cinema I was standing at the door of was the largest cinema I had ever seen, a room that could easily seat 1000 people if it had that many seats, but instead it only had ten in it. The screen was larger than any IMAX screen I had ever seen, suddenly I did want to see a movie.

I walked into the empty cinema looking up at the huge screen and wondering how I was going to turn it on. There was no obvious switches, all I could see was a huge screen, there wasn’t even a light switch on the wall. I don’t know what it was that drove me to do what I did next but I’m glad it did or I might have given up and gone looking for something else. I walked up to the row of ten reclining chairs and sat in the middle one., it was a comfortable chair, I shuffled down into it and put the foot rest up then starred at the screen admiring how good the place looked.

“Damn Manowar’s The Absolute Power would look good on this screen,” I thought.

I literally jumped in my seat when the lights went out and the huge screen lit up with the opening credits of the concert movie. I watched on and couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I’d seen the concert DVD quiet a few times, it was one of the best live concerts I have ever seen and watching it on a screen so big that I thought I was in the crowd was an experience I still find hard to describe. Each time I had watched the DVD at home I was reminded just how truthful the subtitle for the concert was but in the cinema in the Angel City mansion The Day The Earth Shook took on a whole new meaning. For two hours I watched one of the best live concerts ever recorded but I didn’t just hear and see the concert I felt the concert, it was an experience I had never felt before.

When the concert movie was over the lights in the cinema came on and I looked at my watch, it was ten minutes to 8, I had ten minutes to get to my second concert for the day and this one was live, all I had to do was find the auditorium.

Weirdly enough finding the auditorium was not that difficult, I don’t know exactly what it was that led me there but I basically walked out of the cinema back to the main foyer and along the eastern wing straight into the auditorium. The auditorium was smaller than the cinema, again there was a row of ten seats in the centre of the room, a bar at one end of the room and a stage at the other. Although the stage lights weren’t on I could see the shadowy shapes of amplifiers, a drum kit, several microphone stands, fold back speakers and the most distinguishing feature the massive lighting rig which was in the shape of a bomber aircraft which had been with the band since 1979.

I made my way to the bar to get a drink, again it was an unmanned bar and there was a drink sitting on the bar waiting for me. I picked up my glass and wandered to the seats where like the cinema I took up the centre seat. Even before I got comfortable Lemmy, Phil and Würzel took the stage.

The moment Lemmy stood up to the downward angled microphone the stage lights came on and they broken into the opening notes of Rock ‘n’ Roll, the first song off the 1987 album of the same name and the first album that all three members played on together. For the next three hours the band ploughed through song after song, each on was flawless and each one sounded better than any concert I had ever been too. Not only were the movies and cinemas great in Angel City but so were the concerts.

When the house lights finally came on I had lost count of how many songs I had heard and how many drinks I’d drunk but I knew it was a concert I would not forget in a hurry. I waited in my seat not exactly sure what I was supposed to do but thinking, ‘you know they’ve got a hell of a band in Angel City.’

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