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The Pirate Captain: Captain Morgan’s Curse

“One day me fair maiden ’tis shall all be yours.” The pirate captain said sweeping his arm in a big arc as they two of them stood on the balcony of the castle in the air.
“it’s all mine already,” thought the fair maiden before actually speaking. “Not for a very long time my wonderful captain,” she said snuggling up against him.

“Aye, unfortunately me dear I may not be long ‘o ’tis ‘ere seven seas.”

“What do you mean?” the maiden asked forgetting her pirate voice when they weren’t in public, “are you sick?”

Our good pirate captain’s ancestors biggest concerns were illnesses like scurvy, cannonball poisoning and allergic reactions to steel blades slicing their innards up. While pirates of the new world still suffered those illnesses they were also susceptible to so serious illnesses like colds and runny noses. But they knew the risks when they became pirates and they did it without question, just like our good captain knew exactly what he was doing when his fate changed on the gloomy winter night more years ago than he could remember.

“Aye, me dear, I’m a-feared what I have be worse than any runny nose could be.”

The fair maiden looked on in frightened amazement. “What are you talking about?”

As the pirate captain looked out over the docks where his ship, the Privateer, was moored. The massive wooden beast of a ship with it’s three tall masts, five working decks which included a huge galley, sleeping quarters, storage areas and one entire deck for the 100 strong cannons, floated gently on the rippling water.

“Th’ story it does start many moons ago. You see th’ Privateer she wa’ not always mine.”

The fair maiden looked on with concern, they’d barely spent any time together, it was less than a month since she was rescued from her previous lacklustre life of nothingness and thrust into a life of piracy. Barely a month since she realised that some football player was nothing compared to the wonderful pirate captain who rescued her.

“Tell me the story, please.” she said as she held him tighter.

The captain went on to explain his story.

Many years ago when the good pirate captain was second mate aboard the Bountiful, a ship captained by the infamous Captain Morgan. Not the famous pirate from the history books, the guy who owned the rum distillery, you know the one it was called The Pirates Barrel, well he owned that until he decided he wanted to buy a ship and he sold it to the someone else named Morgan.

Aboard the ship the crew were getting restless, the decisions made by the captain appeared pointless, dangerous and reckless. They hadn’t won a fight in months, they hadn’t been paid and every day their numbers lessened, they all knew something had to be done so they approached the second mate with their concerns.

“Aye, what ye are callin’ fer is a bloody mutiny.” the second mate says to the crew.

Cheers roared and clangs of metal on metal could be heard across the deck as every pirate aboard swarmed into a large group and raised their swords.

“Aye!” the crowd roared.

Because our now good captain was second in charge the deed to over powering the Captain Morgan was down to him. It was not a task he took lightly, he spent a full night and day thinking about his deed. Was it worth it? Was it what he wanted to be known for? Could he even do it? In his mind he knew it was worth it, like the rest of the crew he could see the damage that Morgan was doing. With the help of the crew he knew it was possible and the glories of success of course meant he would step up to be captain. He would be captain of his own ship, something not often afforded to men so young. The decision was made.

During the following night the good soon to be captain and five of his best men crept into Morgan’s room, he was snugly wrapped under the blankets snoring peacefully. Before Morgan knew what was happening he was dragged out of bed and at the point of the sword he was tied, bound and marched to the deck. Under the light of the full moon Morgan was forced to walk the plank.

Morgan remained silent throughout the ordeal, the crew however were less than silent as they roared and cheered for his death. The night was calm and the large ship was barely moving on the water but the noise of the cheering crew and their swords as they clanged together in the air was nearly deafening. Morgan knew he’d been defeated but he was not going down easy.

“The murky black depths below may be me grave, but ye all shall die fer what ye have done.” Called Morgan as he stepped off the plank into the darkness.

As the men cheered and hollered the new pirate captain stood upon the deck staring into the darkness. When the crew lifted him up on their shoulders and carried him to the centre of the ship he smiled but on the inside he was racked with pain. Despite the happiness of the crew the new pirate knew that Morgan’s final words had meaning, he knew the rest of his life will be forever led by the curse of Captain Morgan.

The name of the ship was changed, the ensign was changed, the crew was added too and things started to look up for the new captain and his bawdy crew but the captain forever lived knowing the curse was in the back of his mind. Each time a mistake was made the good captain would blame the curse and with every success he spent days looking over his shoulder waiting for something to change.

“So ye see me fair maiden I broke th’ law ‘o th’ sea ‘n th’ curse can not be broken. Me fate be sealed.” said the good captain to his fair maiden as his rose his tankard of rum and gulped a large does of rum down into his belly.

“Surely you can’t still think that curse remains,” said the fair maiden. “Look at what we’ve achieved in the last few weeks.” She waved her arm towards the castle in the air.

“Th’ curse does not stop all jolly thin’s me dear.”

“Ok what about the old man’s story? He chose you to give that to, you did not choose him. What about the booty we found from the old man’s map? And what about the fact you made that man want for nothing until his dying day? That alone must give you enough kudos points to wipe out any old dead captains curse.”

“Th’ curse ‘o th’ scurvy pirate cap’n can not be wiped out wit’ points ‘o kudos” The captain laughed.

“Then we wont rest until we find a way to wipe it.” the fair maiden said again moving close to him and wrapping her arms around him.

“I wish it be that easy.”

“Nothing be easy you scurvy bastard!” she said with a smile. “But that doesn’t mean we don’t try. It means between us we never give up!”

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  1. Well, shiver me timbers!

      • Sure I do. It’s only when I stand that they shiver.

        • No point having shivering timbers, throw them in the fire.

          • That’s harsh. Not ready for being a paraplegic yet. Although I almost wished that years ago when in pain.

            • I was only offering suggestions….can’t keep some people happy sometimes!

              • I know. Haven’t read your latest, I don’t think. I’m working on it. But I wouldn’t say I’m hard to please. Constant strong winds for three days tends to make me grumpy

                • Well you should read it 😛 It’s not as good as some but I had a busy day yesterday and couldn’t be bothered working hard at a post.

                  Apparently windy makes kids grumpy too…I know because my mum said so and we aren’t allowed to reprimand the kids for being naughty when it’s windy.

                  • I don’t know if it’s just windy, but when working in the schools, you could always see the differing behavior when the weather changed. It’s like too many Skittles.

                    • I don’t like the wind and it probably makes me grumpy too but to excuse the kids behaviour because of it is something only my mother would say, she never excused our behaviour when we were kids.

                    • Mine either, but it was strange. Of course animals always behave differently when the weather changes, maybe it’s our basic instinct

                    • I don’t have a problem with it as long as people don’t use it as an excuse.

                    • You’re pretty strict in your thinking sometimes.

                    • Not really, I’m just sick of people wanting something to blame for everything they, or someone else does. People need to take responsibility for their actions not blame the weather or other people, or the phase of the moon.

                    • So, no stories about werewolves then……too bad.

                    • I don’t do wolves, really don’t do zombies and haven’t really done anything with vampires for years.

                    • I don’t understand the zombie thing. I liked the new mummy movies with Arnold Vosloo, and the others, Brendan Fraser and John Hannah, Rachel Weiss. But the walking dead series is gross. Give me the millions of bugs chasing someone in the mummy instead.

                    • Zombies are over done, there is no way to write a good zombie story these days without comparing it to something else. They aren’t that hard to write because there is a proforma to follow, but they are essentially all the same. Vampires to me are the same thing and I gave up after the first Mummy, the original was fine but hollywood make shitty sequels most of the time.

                    • I liked the first one too. It was the appearance of the mummy with the special effects, one of the first I’d seen, that really impressed me. I like Brendan Fraser because he doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously.

                    • To me too many of the sequels are just a cash in and it’s the same reason I wont write some of those topics.

                    • Everyone needs money, as opposed to popular thinking.

                    • I doubt anyone denies that but Hollywood sequels are not making money so producers and actors don’t go hungry. They are made because it’s easier to write a crappy sequel that will suck money from the public than it is to write something new and original. Look at Star Wars Hollywood is not going to stop kicking that horse until there is nothing left to kick, it’s a straight our cash grab. The actors, producers and crew would get jobs elsewhere, sure they might have to cut their wage to a million instead of 5 million but they would still survive.

                    • I agree. is there anything new and original?

                    • Yes and no. There is a thing that many authors say that goes along the lines of ‘there is no original stories just original ways to tell old stories’ and I believe that. There is a lot of pirate stories out and there might even be one that has elements of mine but for the most part it’s original because of the way it’s written. But look at Pirates of the Caribbean, the story changes so little between movies, sure there is difference but not enough to be that new. If I wrote a new pirate story where the pirate gets a new maiden, then gets rich from robbing houses people would rightly pick up similarities and I’d feel like I was cashing in (despite not selling the story).

                      There is a series of young adult books called Vampirates and when that first came out it was brilliant, new idea, good story and although neither were original topics together they were. That suffered from too many sequels but the first few were great. Same as the YA series around the character Skullduggery, brilliant and original in it’s execution but not totally original. (it too suffered from too many sequels cashing in on the readers buying one after another)

                    • we had 87 mph winds today. getting old. signed grumpy, as opposed to skeepy, doc. etc

                    • 87 is about 13okph, I’d be grumpy in that, I’m sure 120 is cat 1 cyclonic winds.

                    • Trees down and crap flying all over the place. About two more days with sixty tomorrow, supposedly. Fires burned 30,000 acres in northern Colorado, so far. These dry states suffer in winds and warmer temps.

                    • We’ve barely had summer yet and they reckon we are in for a very hot autumn. There is cyclones forming up north which will mean wind for us at some stage but we are hoping we don’t get too much because if they come down from the north it will make fire conditions worse.

                    • Yes. My oldest grandson is a firefighter. I’d rather he saw a grass or brush fire though than the accident he went to where a nine year old girl was killed. His little sister, the one I picture a lot, was same age.

                    • Yeah accident scenes effect everyone. I’m sick of idiots who claim if they speed or do something silly on the open road it’s only them who gets hurt. Those who come to their rescue or to scape them off the road are effected too.

                    • The first Pirates of the Caribbean was great with Johnny Depp. I like most things he’s in, but one was enough. I’m curious about Logan. I liked Hugh, especially in Kate and Leopold, maybe not an original story, but loved it.

                    • Hugh is a legend because he’s an Aussie!! I haven’t seen Logan but I have seen mixed responses.

                    • I don’t care. some things I need to see for myself, like him playing it the last time.

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