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The Day The Music Lived: All The Aces

Jack Daniels

So there I was standing in the largest foyer of the largest mansion I had ever seen. Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister, was standing to my right, Michael ‘Würzel’ Burston was to my left and I had travelled through a wall in a line of trees that lead to a bright light and further into a place Lemmy had called Angel City, (read back if you need to know the thrill a minute action packed full story).

Now I know what you’re thinking, you are thinking that somewhere on my trip around the lovely state of Victoria I fell asleep, or I had a meal of mushrooms of the magic variety and what I was seeing was a dream or hallucination of some sort because Lemmy died in 2015 and Würzel died in 2011 and trips through trees don’t send people to cities named after Motorhead songs. But I swear to you even if I might have had my
doubts this is the god’s honest truth, remember the movie Airheads? “Lemmy is God!”

(I know these are world known facts of such importance that they are taught in schools today but I am just elaborating a bit for those coming in late)

Back to the mansion. I was standing in a foyer that resembled that of the foyer/entrance way to the house in the Osbourne’s reality show, only it was about three times the size of that. The floor was tiled as far as I could see, there was floor rugs that were bigger than my bed at home scattered on the floor. There was a huge curving stair case on both my left and right, they both led to the same up stairs level. The bannisters of the stair cases appeared to be made from stone with intricately carved figure heads at the top and bottom. At the base of each stairway way there was a hallway leading off to the left and right respectively, I could see nothing but darkness down each one. In front of me the wide hallways had doors both left and right which were closed and it led, eventually, to a huge set of double glass doors.

Oh yeah I mentioned that I was blown away, as if the size of the place wasn’t enough to blow a person away. But it’s true there was one more sight that I was not prepared for, although in hind sight maybe I should have been. There we were standing in the foyer of the largest mansion I had ever seen and a voice came out of the darkened hallway to my left.

“Hello fellas. Dragged another stray ‘ome have ya’ Lem?”

I turned suddenly at the sound of the voice and as I did I saw a figure come out of the darkness. The scraggly dark brown hair that looked like it had never seen a hair brush and the Frank Zappa like moustache were unmistakable, the Motorhead T-shirt just confirmed it. Standing to my left and asking who I was, was Philip John Taylor, otherwise known as Philthy Animal Motorhead drummer of 15 years during the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.

Although Phil was long out of the band when he died in 2015 he and Lemmy had remained friends and upon his death Lemmy had said of his former band mate:

“Now he’s died and it really pisses me off that they take somebody like him and leave George Bush alive.”

He also added:

“We’re (Motorhead) still going, we’re still going strong, it’s just first Wurzel and now Philthy, it’s a shame man. I think this rock’n’roll business might be bad for the human life.”

Seven months later Lemmy himself died and here I was eighteen months later standing in the world’s biggest mansion and all three of the Motorhead legends were standing before me. Talk about a mind rush, magic mushrooms had nothing on what my mind was seeing!

“Phil here,” Lemmy pointed at me and spoke in that famous gravelly British accident. “was nice enough to give me a ride back from the pub.”

I wanted to ask Lemmy how he got to the pub especially given the time we spent in the car just getting back to the mansion but I figured that wasn’t the right time.

“Pleased to meet you Phil,” Philthy said to me as he approached with his hand out to shake mine.

Although I’d seen hundreds of pictures of Phil Taylor over the years I still looked at the man standing in front of me and was surprised that such a rough, tough looking guy could be so polite. We shook hands.

“Great to meet you!” I said.

An hour later I was sitting at a bar with a Jack and Coke in front of me, I wasn’t sure where Philthy was but Würzel was on the seat next to me nursing his own drink and Lemmy was sitting at a video poker machine. I’d never been to the Rainbow Bar and Grill in West Hollywood but I’d seen pictures and while the room we were sitting in wasn’t a direct replica of the bar Lemmy spent every day when he was off tour in it did resembled the pictures I’d seen and the video poker machine at which Lemmy sat was exactly the same.

“So how the hell does this all work? I asked Würzel.

“No fuckin’ idea man, just does.” he answered before sipping his drink.

There was no one serving the bar and no one cleaning up empty glasses, there didn’t need to be, every time I put my glass down and turned my head the glass was topped back up as if it was a new drink. At one point I tried to stare at the glass after I put it down but I couldn’t do it, some invisible force made me turn my head.

The music playing on the sound system was a band I didn’t recognise, they were ok but probably not something I’d have picked up if I saw it on the shelf. It was a band called Barb Wire Dolls I knew they were on the Motorhead Music recording label and that before Lemmy had died they were a band he was impressed by.

Würzel wasn’t big on conversation and although reports had always said Lemmy was happy to talk to anyone, even whilst he was playing his video poker machine down at the Rainbow, I didn’t feel comfortable interrupting him. A few moments later the music lowered in volume.

“What’s on your mind Phil?” Lemmy called without turning away from his machine, almost like he’d been reading my mind.

Würzel had already told me he didn’t know what was going on and Lemmy had said something similar in the car so I figured asking questions like that wasn’t worth it no matter how much I wanted to know them. I briefly thought about asking why and how Lemmy got to the town I spotted him in and why he’d chosen me to give him a ride but I decided against it given the responses I’d already had.

“So what do you do around here other than drink and smoke?”

It wasn’t the best thought out question but it was all I had on short noticed and despite Lemmy’s already suggesting that cigarettes in Angel City didn’t have the same lethal effects as they did in the real world I was noticing their addictive qualities were all there.

Lemmy got up from the machine he was playing and walked towards the bar. When he reached between Würzel and I, I turned to the bar as well. It was then I noticed not only had my drink been refilled and a new glass was on the bar for Lemmy but a packet of Marlboro’s and a cigarette lighter were sitting next to my glass. This place was truly strange!

“We don’t get sick, we don’t get drunk, but we have all the pleasurable effects of our addictions. Who wants more from life, or death.” Lemmy answered me as he took his glass.

“Ok well this place is sounding more inviting as time moves along, maybe I might move her myself!” I replied. Both Würzel and Lemmy laughed. “What’s so funny?”

“Man you gotta be dead to live in Angel City!” Würzel said without smiling.

I pointed out that I was not actually dead, or at least I wasn’t dead before leaving the pub back in the unnamed town. It was then things took a major turn as Lemmy pulled up a Jack Daniels stool on my left and began telling me the story why he invited me back to Angel City.

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  1. Certainly not my idea of heaven, but interesting.

  2. Maybe everyone gets to enjoy whatever vices they have? Cool! I love this story.

    • Would they be vices if they didn’t have the real world effects or would they just be habits?

      • Vices and bad habits are the same aren’t they?

      • Even if you couldn’t die from smoking, it’s still gross. I did enjoy it for a few weeks when I was first on my own. My dad smoked three packs of Lucky Strikes and died of emphysema.

        • But that’s a matter of opinion. Not everyone thinks it gross and for many of those who have spent most of their life doing it the ability to do it without the supposed health risks would be appealing. Some think drinking alcohol is bad because of how it effects people, if people didn’t act like morons would alcohol be as taboo as it is. Drugs are the same. Sure it can be argued that the high and the behaviour are why some do it but what about those who just down right enjoy such vices? To them it’s not gross and probably something they’d like to continue if they could without repercussion.

          • Smoking effects everyone around them. You smell, everything around you smells like an ashtray, so I wouldn’t think it would be likely to be accepted as easily as some other things. Drinking has always been accepted by everyone, everywhere, well maybe not in Utah. We lived in a TX town that was in a dry county. Right across the river there were tons of liquor stores lined up. They gave free cups and ice. So tell me, what’s so great about having a dry county where people drive back drinking in their cars? Makes no sense to me.

            • Smoking effects like smell are a personal opinion. I don’t care that people smoke around me. I don’t care if I get in a smokers car and it smells like an ashtray. It can be argued that second hand smoke is a health risk but not everyone who smokes dies of cancer or even smoking related illnesses. The same can be said about any vice. So if one was to remove the idea that every vice has an unhealthy aspect then like or dislike comes down to personal opinion. In such a situation it would be no different from the women who wears too much perfume and kills a room with the stench of poisonous gas because she sticks worse without it, or the person who chooses not to wear deodorant

              • I’ve worked beside all of those characteristics. The smoking made

              • I’ve worked beside all of those. The worst for me was the smoker because my eyes watered when I had to be next to her.

                • Yeah but again that’s a person thing, it doesn’t effect me the same way so therefore should it be treated as an issue for all or just one?

                  • You love to argue don’t you? Peace, brother! I’m just glad I can go to a restaurant and be able to smell the food I’m eating.

                    • I don’t see it as arguing, I see it pointing out the not so obvious facts of a fictitious story. Too many people have to focus on the vox pop way of thinking and have trouble thinking outside the box. It was evident when the daily prompt was critic (or criticism) out of 200 odd responses 80% of them focused on criticism being bad when it’s not and it doesn’t have to be, even if meant bad it can be spun positively.

                      I don’t have a problem with no smoking areas but that was not the gist of the discussion, you chose to take it there because the response people are programmed to come back with these days in relation to smoking is negative. What we were discussing was a fictional situation in a fictional story, had nothing to do with restaurants.

                    • Touché The concept of Lemmy and the main character being able to smoke without repercussions is a good one. I liked the story. But it is fiction. Smoking is on the rise with young people which is a horrible thing. That was my point I think, I forget how it began??

                    • I think smoking is on the decline here but the problem is the government have taxed smokes out of the price range of many people so the black market is thriving and there is almost no way to tell if numbers are dropping when they aren’t buying smokes from the shops.

                    • Like prohibition, and no, I wasn’t alive for that either

                    • When was prohibition? the 20’s wasn’t it?

                    • so you ‘missed it by that much’? 😛

                    • Quite a bit. I was born in 1946

                    • Well there ya go, you’re not as old as I thought 😛

                    • You mean like a hundred?;p

                    • No I never thought you looked a day over 97.

                    • My age and picture are in the bio. Unlike an Australian friend I don’t know

                    • I don’t look at peoples bios, which is probably why I don’t have one.

                    • I do if it’s a new follower.

                    • I don’t care who people are, where they come from, or what they look like, on the internet so many people are fake anyway.

                    • True. I just like to know where they’re from. I like learning about new places and different people. And there are a couple of weird ones I have had to spam, but other than those two, I’m happy to meet people.Your stories drew me to read you. Your humor too. I especially like humor.

                    • So now is the time to tell you I’m a 20 something female that lives in South Africa?

                    • You must have married very young

                    • because ypu have two daughters. you didnt make that up

                    • Well I could have, but even so neither of them are over 10 so I could have started my family at 15 and still been a 20 something female.

                    • I guess I should tel my real story then, since you’re a young woman.

                    • That’s entirely up to you, no one needs to know truth if you don’t want them too.

                    • Let’s see what I can come up with, if you’re a young woman, I say I’m a Bolivian flamenco dancer, under thirty.

                    • And I couldn’t disprove that so from now on that’s who you are.

                    • NRL starts this weekend but my team’s not on tv tonight 🙁

                    • Well at least you get to watch them most of the time. We don’t get any here

                    • That’s the annoying thing, on free to air we don’t because we are in Victoria where AFL rules and the tv stations are too scared to play NRL despite us having a team. We get 1 maybe 2 games a weekend. Pay TV gets all games but I’m not paying for a tv service to fall asleep watching.

                    • Maybe you could start a petition to change that.

                    • Wont happen, the AFL are a rule unto themselves in this state. The police even play second fiddle to most criminal issues where the AFL is concerned.

                    • You’re a writer, you could write the local editor of the newspaper

                    • The AFL pumps hundreds of millions of dollars into the local economy, anything up to 300,000 people pay to watch games every weekend and there is a viewing audience of over a 3 million people a week, nationally and all this comes out of a state with only 6 million people. The local paper has a readership of less than 10,000 people and the major city newspaper is run by Rupert Murdoch who prints what Rupert Murdoch wants. I could put a message in a bottle and chuck it in Bass Straight and there would be more chance of an anti AFL letter being read.

                    • I admit if I was totally by myself, at my age, I might indulge. Probably out of boredom. Same thing for drinking. But I have never been big on either, no matter what I write. As far as others doing it, that’s their choice, as long as it doesn’t affect others, say in the case of drinking and driving. To each his own?

                    • Drink and drug driving is problem here but it’s pointless making more rules and tougher rules like the government wants to do because it’s not usually the guy who drives at .051 who kills others it’s the idiot who is at .1 or over and while I accept rules have to be in place more restrictive rules don’t stop the idiot whose already breaking the current rules. Same goes for speed, 1kph over is not the problem 60kph over is and it’s a different kind of person who does that. Governments need to stop restricting everyone for the benefit of the lowest common denominator who wont listen anyway.

                    • I agree with that

              • Poisonous gas? That is bad. Maybe she smokes so doesn’t smell it well enough, so uses more!

                • Maybe she does, although I know plenty who don’t smoke but their perfume gets left on everything they’ve touched well after they’ve left the room yet since there is no known effects of perfume poisoning it’s not taboo like smoking is. So again remove the supposed health aspects and stinky perfume and stinky smokes are on an even par.

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