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The Pirate Captain: Over The Seas Again

As the fair maiden and the second mate looked through their spyglasses they saw exactly what the pirate captain had seen. They too scanned toward the north and found exactly what the captain had, there was no mistaking they had found the treasure. Had they come around the islands, from either direction, they’d have never been in a position to see it, but due captain’s navigational skilled that got them through the narrow straights they we able to stop in a position to that would reveal the final clue to the treasure map, the actual location the treasure was buried.

Thanks to the old man at the tavern the pirate captain was able to stop with the ship between the large rocky outcrop that marked the western end of the straights and the broken hull of what the old man called The Trapped Goose, the very ship he’d crewed on when it went down entering the straights and the captain misjudged the rocky entrance.

The old man had told the pirate captain that as the only survivor of the wrecked ship he took his captain’s treasure map, took the only surviving longboat and vowed to return with his own crew to retrieve the precious booty. His problem came when he returned to port poor and unable to even hire a boat. Although he tried for years to scrounge together the money he was never successful. How he chose the pirate captain to finally share his story with was however a mystery.

The timing of their arrival was pure luck but it was almost perfect and the pirate captain was able to follow the old man’s instructions immediately. All he needed to do was look into the northwest sky with his spyglass, find the tallest mountain peak and find a point in the rock that would reflect the sunbeam. It sounded fanciful to the pirate captain but the old man assured him that mounted on the peak was something he could not name but it reflected the sun perfectly. With the naked eye from a distance the reflection could not be seen due to the size of the reflective item wedged into the rocks, but with spyglass it was more than obvious. The reflection then pointed to the exact location of the buried treasure, they’d have to deboard the ship and go ashore but from where they were anchored the location could be easily seen.

“Ye think thar be th’ lovely booty? The second mate asked. “We can trust th’ ol man?”

“Aye, I think so.” the captain replied. “Organise a boardin’ parrrty, we be off ashore immediately.”

The second mate went and did as he was ordered while the captain and the fair maiden returned to his cabin.

“Ye sure ye want to be doin’ ’tis fair maiden?” he asked when they were in the privacy of the room. She agreed and told him there was no way she had gone as far as she had to miss out on the pleasure of finding the booty.

Twenty minutes later the captain, his fair maiden and a selected group of ten other men were on sitting in the long boat being lowered into the water beside the Privateer. The second mate was required to stay behind on the ship to maintain the remaining crew and defend if required. When the long boat hit the water the captain directed the crew to row the boat ashore to the widest and cleanest part of the shore line.

As the eleven pirates and one fair maiden slowly floated towards the sandy sure the pirate captain stood at the rear of the boat. Although the longboat didn’t have the hull depth of the Privateer the captain still maintained an eagle eye watch to ensure they didn’t run aground or into rocks. When the bow of the bow cleared the white water of the crashing waves several of the pirates, one holding a rope tied to the bow, jumped into the water and began dragging the wooden vessel up on to the sand. The boat stopped with a thud as the now wet pirate pulled the boat up until the keel wedged tightly in the sand.

The pirate captain knew they were on the turn of the tide so if they weren’t careful they’d quickly find their long boat high and dry on the sand of the island and even with 10 men it would be difficult to push free so he ordered one man to stay behind and ensure the boat always had water under it.

With their tool packs loaded and ready to go the captain, his fair maiden and the remaining crew all disappeared into the tree lined shore. Although the captain could not see the reflective ray or it’s pin point accurate location from ground level he knew exactly where he was headed and providing he didn’t loose his bearings, something a good pirate never did, he would have the team in place and digging for treasure within the hour. His only hope was that when the treasure was uncovered he had enough men to get it all back to the ship.

The trip through the often low hanging trees and across the rocky ground was at times arduous but they all made it without accident or injury and within forty five minutes they were standing where the map indicated the treasure would be. A further forty five minutes after that the tops of five large wooden and steel braced treasure chests were visible in the sand. Digging out the rest of the chests once they were found was more difficult than finding them but the crew worked hard knowing the rewards would be worth it.

During the course of the reveal several shovels were broken and one pick was smashed but such tools were a small price to pay for the prize. Eventually after all the chests were revealed and pulled out of their large holes, each chest taking two men to move the time had come for the pirate captain to survey his booty. Each chest was locked but the locks provided little resistance to the captains best lock breaker who took little more than three minutes to break each lock.

Placing his hands on the arched lid of the first chest the captain pushed, the lid of the chest protesting at first after many years of being trapped in the heavy sand of the island. Seeing that more strength was needed the fair maiden stepped up to the chest and placed her hands on the lid as well. Together they pushed the sturdy wooden lid of the chest, it rose slowly, hinges that hadn’t moved in more years that anyone could guess protested and creaked before finally giving way and allowing the lid to flop open.

Inside the first chest, a chest of nearly three feet in height, three feet in width and two feet in depth, was a pile of gold coins. The captain didn’t need to check if the stack of coins went all the way to the bottom of the chest, pirates didn’t do things by halves, there would be no false bottom in these chest, they would be full from top to bottom of what he could see.

Reaching into the chest the captain pulled one a single coin whilst the crew and his fair maiden looked on in awe. He rolled the coin in his right hand, feeling it’s weight, it was definitely gold. Looking at the coins closer the captain smiled ad he realised exactly what he was holding.

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  1. Love reading your story always…how’s the Goblin?

  2. Ahoy matey! I’ll be in the tavern drinking ale till ye pen another section of the tale! ☠️

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