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The Day The Music Lived: Keep It On The Road

Jack Daniels

We’d just pulled up in the center of a large set of jet black gates, Lem was sitting beside me in the passenger seat smoking his Marlboro and we were in a place named Angel City, a place named after the song from Motorhead’s 1916 album. Standing on the other side of the closed gate was a medium height blonde haired man in a black hat, black sleeveless T-shirt and black denim jeans.

“Is that..” I asked looking left at Lem.

“Yep, he’s going to want a ride in.”

In where? I wondered as the large black gates began to open and the man behind them stepped back. The gates were automatic and moved back steadily getting further apart as they pivoted open. Just beyond the open gates the figure in black stood at the edge of the bitumen, without being asked I took the initiative and slowly crept my Commodore up to the man and stopped beside him. The man reached out and opened the rear passenger door and climbed in.

“G’day. The name’s Michael.” the man said as climbed into the car and pushed his right hand through the gap between the two seats..

I twisted in my seat and grabbed Michael’s hand and shook it, but I knew he was being deliberately coy because I knew the guy who’d just got into my car and sat behind rock legend Lemmy Kilmister was Michael Burston more commonly known as Würzel Motorhead guitarist of eleven years from 1986 to 1995. Würzel might have left the band more than twenty years ago but his music and his guitar playing has never been forgotten even after his death in 2011, and there he was sitting in my car.

“Let’s go.” Lemmy said once Würzel’s door was shut and I got over my stunned silence.

To be fair I wasn’t stunned by the fact that a dead man had just gotten into my car. I kind of got over that idea when I first walked up to Lemmy and realised he wasn’t actually some weird small town look a like. What I was stunned at was that two men who had been members of one of the greatest bands in history were sitting in my car.

I took off slowly and continued to head along the black bitumen surface. Behind the car as we moved off the gates began to swing back into the closed position, I had no idea who or what was controlling them but the movement was seamless. We continued onwards along the quiet country road and I cruised at just under 60 kilometres per hour, I rarely hurried when I was driving but on unfamiliar country roads I never drove too fast, I liked my car and my life too much for that. Subsequent trips to Angel City would see me driving along the roads at a faster speed but I still wouldn’t drive fast just for the sake of getting somewhere quicker.

While I was never a heavy smoker when I used to smoke being surrounded by smoke was not something that ever bothered me, didn’t bother me that much since giving up either, and I was thankful for that as the three of us drove along and my car nearly resembled something from Cheech and Chong movie, even with the windows open.

Just as I was wondering if our road trip actually had a point and why there was a large set of gates seemingly in the middle of nowhere we crested a hill and I looked down into a large gully. At the bottom of the gully, and at the end of the bitumen road we were on was a huge mansion. I wouldn’t have called it a castle because it didn’t have a moat or turrets but it was definitely large enough to be one.

The road down into the gully wasn’t dead straight and it would be a decent climb coming from the bottom which meant I also took it gently on the way down. When we got to the bottom not only did I realise that the road, a road which had no side roads or tracks coming off it lead directly to the mansion it was the driveway and I could drive right up to the front door.

“Just pull it up in front and leave the keys in it, someone will take it around to the garages once we are inside.” Lemmy said lighting yet another smoke and offering me the still full packet.

I took another cigarette and pulled the car up at the front steps. I’ve never been one to let other people drive my cars, it’s not that I was pretentious or didn’t trust people it was just that it was my car and I liked to be the one driving it. So parking it with the keys in it and leaving it for someone else to move did feel slightly weird but it was what Lemmy said to do so I did it.

Getting out of the car I took a deep drag on my cigarette sucking the warm smoke down into my lungs and feeling the kick it gave my blood steam as it travelled. Blowing the smoke out I stood in awe looking at the building before me. From the top of the hill it looked huge, from the car it looked huge, but from outside the car and standing at the steps huge was not a big enough name for it, it was massive. I stood on the concrete staring at the large building before me as Lemmy and Würzel made their way to the front door.

From the top step Lemmy turned around and called out, “You coming in or what?”

Shaking myself out of the weird trance the building had put me in I nodded and almost ran up the few steps and onto the porch to catch up with them.

Würzel entered the large building first pushing the large white wooden door as he walked, Lemmy stood back and gestured me in with his left arm, I followed his gesture and entered behind Würzel. Moments later I found myself standing in a massive open foyer, stairs to the left of me, stairs to the right and tiles everywhere. If you’ve ever seen the TV show the Osbourne’s, the reality show that followed the life of Ozzy Osbourne and his family and you can remember the foyer of the house they lived in, that’s what this place looked like, only about three times the size.

I reckoned I had seen football fields smaller than the foyer I was standing in, from the outside the place looked huge but that was nothing compared to what it looked like from inside. I could see doors, I could see stair cases, I could see passage ways, I could see large floor rugs and I could see a massive chandelier when I looked up, everything was truly amazing.

Having seen the huge mansion, having seen a bright light and wall I was able to drive through and seemingly go to another dimension of some sort and having seen two dead rock and roll legends I could be excused for thinking there was very little else that could take me by surprised, but I was wrong because the next thing I saw blew me away yet again.

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  1. FYI, I am enjoying this story. It’s good! : )

    • Oh that’s for my information is it? Just for my records? Ok I shall note it down 🙂

      The story became a bit stagnant in my head. I never had any other idea than to keep it away from King’s story and that kind of got proven when I got to the end of the next chapter and I couldn’t figure out where I was going with it. 🙂

      If the music played on it wouldn’t be too loud for your delicate southern country ears? 🙂

  2. Good was a stupid word. Entertaining is more descriptive! Yep! D.

  3. Well since you don’t like good, hmmm, let me see, how about “like it better than SK”

  4. Bit worried this is going to end badly.

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