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The Pirate Captain: Still Over The Seas

At the high of the tide the Privateer was released, mooring ropes were tossed back to those standing upon the jetty not lucky enough to embark on the journey, the gang plank pulled away and the sails raised to catch the whipping winds. The captain was at the helm, his fair maiden beside him observing his every move, his every action and his every decision.

They were sailing over the seas, rising high on the waves, dipping low into the troughs and being sprayed by the white water whipped off the top of each wave. The water was flattening as the day grew older and by the look of the sky the captain knew the it would only get calmer before night fell, he just hoped for it not to become too calm and slow down their progress for by the end of the following day they should be richer than they could ever imagine.

Word had spread around the crew even before they left the dock that a large booty awaited them, there was a lust for gold and a want for treasure aboard the ship like the captain had never seen. As far as the captain knew he was the only person alive, other than the old man, who knew where the treasure was and he was expecting an unheeded voyage to retrieve it. His crew were eager, they were keen and above all they were ready, they knew what they were headed for and they knew that when they found the treasure each and every one of them would be rich.

As darkness fell and the full moon rose in the eastern sky the pirate captain couldn’t remember a night so good for sailing and he’d spent many a night at sea before meeting the fair maiden. Being a bit of a protected soul before meeting the bawdy captain the young fair maiden had never sailed before, much less spent a night at sea under a cloudless, star filled sky lit by the brightest of full moons.

“Oh it’s so peaceful out here,” she whispered into his ear as he stood at the ship’s wheel holding the course.

“Aye, m’lady, ‘tis a beautiful night, but not as beautiful as you baby.” (which is kind of weird for a pirate to say bit it fits in for some reason)

Putting her arm around his neck and pulling his head towards her she gave him a kiss. “Ye say the nicest things!”

Summoning his second mate to take the wheel the captain then took the fair maiden by the hand and lead her on a walk around the ship. Although a grand tour wasn’t entirely necessary he wanted her to feel at home on his ship and he wanted her to know where everything was. He started off by taking her toward the bow and bowstrip and around the forecastle deck. They stood in the open breeze arm in arm and looking out to the black ocean, neither of them said a word.

After staring into the ocean for what seemed like and eternity the couple made their way back along the main deck and towards the rear of the ship. When they got to the poop deck they stopped again, the pirate captain happy to show his fair maiden the view from the rear of the ship. Although the large ship was not moving fast in the calm waters it was moving fast enough to create a visible wake. The white froth created by the moving boat glimmered and glowed in the moon light, almost as if it was lit from underneath. As someone who’d never been on a boat before, and definitely not seen the wake of a boat in the moonlight the fair maiden was suitably impressed.

“What an absolutely stunning sight!” she exclaimed.

As the pirate captain’s ensign fluttered in the breeze on the short mast beside them the fair maiden leant in and kissed her pirate captain on the lips. A deep passionate kiss ensued as he pushed her up against the rear railing. Not concerned about finesse, style or who was watching he pushed his hand up her dress slipped her knickers down and took her in the cool breeze that blew diagonally across the poop deck. For them their quiet moans of passion drowned out the noise of the wind and waves that crashed against the side of the ship. Each time his lips touched her neck just below her ear she let out a pleasurable moan that would drown out thunder if there had been any.

When the loving couple finished mopping the poop deck he walked his maiden several decks below to the captain’s cabin where he left her with the promise he’d return as soon as his work allowed it. True to his word, fifteen minutes later, the captain arrived back at his cabin. He’d talked to his second mate and given orders for the night shift.

Without revealing their final location the captain gave the second mate the heading they needed to maintain throughout the evening and early morning and reminded him to wake him immediately if there was any trouble. The second mate agreed and the captain went off to bed with his fair maiden.

The following morning the captain awoke with daybreak, he did his best to leave the cabin without waking the fair maiden however the rattling of his cutlass as it collided with the frame of the bed when he got dressed woke her up.

“Aye, is it time to get up?” she asked.

The captain told her she was welcome to lay in as long as she liked but she refused and told him she wanted to be by his side for the entire trip. Twenty minutes later they were both sitting down with the second mate being briefed on the nights travels which were uneventful but they had gained valuable ground. By the captain’s estimation they’d be rich by the end of the day.

Mid morning as they sailed on northward they crossed paths with a massive storm cell. Rain pelted down across every exposed deck of the ship, there was no protection for the crew that needed to be out there. Wind howled from the stern of the ship pushing them along at speeds they didn’t usually reach and waves crashed against the ship sending plumes of white water high into the air. Through the entire storm the fair maiden stood by her captain’s side at the wheel, as he kept the ship straight she watched him work and took mental notes. When they came out the other side of the storm there was more than a few crew mates surprised to see the fair maiden still standing beside her captain.

Several hours after they sat down for lunch the pirate captain navigated the large wooden ship down the narrow straights between two large islands. According to his map, and the word of the old man at the tavern, successful navigation of the narrow straight would not only save them more than five hours of sailing but it would give them the final piece of the puzzle to finding the buried booty.

The captain steered the ship with an eagle eye, what lay below them in the straights was unknown but by the word of the old man even the largest of ships could navigate the straights if they followed a few key landmarks and skirted left or right according to where each landmark was sitting. While the crew looked on in amazement at a captain who seemed to have a sixth sense for navigation the captain pointed out quietly to the fair maiden what he was looking for and which side of the straights they needed to be on at each point.

When the end of the straights were in site the captain ordered the sails be lowered and the anchor be dropped. The depth of the water in the straights was a lot less that in the open seas and the anchor was down and hooked within minutes.

The captain, his fair maiden and the second mate made their way up to the poop deck, not for a triple header but for the height the deck provided, it was the highest point of the ship other than the crows nest. Although the captain had any number of men prepared to climb into the crows nest at his order he refused to let anyone, other than the fair maiden and his second mate, know what it was he was looking for, and he didn’t work his way up from the bottom to pirate captain to be climbing into any crows nest.

Lifting his spyglass to his right eye the pirate captain searched the mountains area of the land to their northwest. He knew from the old man what he was looking for, he just had to find it. Once he found it he scanned the land back toward the north an confirmed everything.

“Aye, thar she is.” the captain said as he looked into the spyglass.

His fair maiden and second mate knew better than to ask questions, they simply waited for him to speak again. When he did hand the spyglass to the fair maiden and gave the second mate permission to look through his own they did as he did, looked northwest and were shocked by what they saw.

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  1. Bravo! This is like serious good writing. I rarely critique someone’s writing, but this deserves one comment. I strongly encourage you not to use the words poop within at least a couple of paragraphs of sex. Sheryl should have mentioned that … I am sure there is an unwritten rule. Otherwise I loved this story. Great cliffhanger ending. : ). You rocked this one!

  2. There is nothing like a night out under the stars, rocked by the waves.

  3. I’m not sure I want you to write a story about me… it might get scary….

    • Misery was the character Anne wanted to continue, the story he had to write was for her not about her. Considering what King did to the poor writer in that book it’s not a fair comparison but it as all I had.

      Misery without the torture maybe 🙂

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