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bad poetry

Too tired to write
Now it’s late at night
So if you came for some bacon
You’ll be sadly mistaken

Today I fell asleep at the wheel
But it’s not really a big deal
I was parked out the front of the school
And when I woke up there was no drool

Decided today my car needs new boots
At least then the coopers will have no disputes
300 a corner the price just inspires
Been 20 years since I bought a set of tyres

It’s nearly time for the prompt
Yet with words I haven’t been swamped
Therefore I do have to admit
That what you’re reading is shit.

I know you like sweet and sour
But seriously not at this hour
I know I can’t change the datum
So I bought you a chocolate covered Tatum

See I told you I was sleepy
It’s nearly time to crawl in the teepee
So what happened to the bacon?
Guess it’s dinner for tonight! 


  1. So the prompt was “scratching”?

  2. How I read your poem: Mmmm bacon…. poetry something… mmm bacon. 😉

  3. Mmm…. bacon, chocolate covered Tatum… your writing was delicious! Yum!

    • I was watching a Channing movie last night, (my wife was ogling the same movie 🙂 ) so he kind of came to mind and I could rhyme anything with Mila Kunis that sounds right.

  4. Bacon is loved by everyone I think. I just get the guilts if I buy any. Keep Tatum, just give me the chocolate.

    • Bacon divides too many people, one likes it crispy, one likes it brown, one likes it cooked, one likes it dipped in honey. Bacon is dangerous!

      Channing was for my wife anyway but I think she’ll lick the chocolate off before anyone gets to it.

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