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bad poetry

Forget about all the cracks
You just sit down and relax
It may take time, I may linger
But you don’t have to lift a finger
The things I do around the house
Means you don’t have a need to rouse
It’s all those little things I do
To make life easier for you

It’s just not contrary
I put out the canary
I even gave it a bash
And brought in the trash
I’m honestly a good trier
I put the plates right in the dryer
And it was one hard slog
But I managed to vacuum the dog

It’s because you are precious
That I dusted the lettuce
Then I spent hours
Just washing the flowers
You don’t need to see proof
But I swept down the roof
I was but a breeze
To polish the cheese

I mowed the carpet
While you were at the market
I mopped the garden
Before the dirt did harden
I am no loafer
I hosed down the sofa
I ironed the doors
And towelled the floors

All these jobs I do so proudly
While my music plays so loudly
One task here, one task there
Even manage to clear the air
There is no jobs for you to complete
So just sit there on your seat
I’ve got it sorted I can’t fail
Despite me being your mere male.


  1. Liked this originality. Very clever. A+

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