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A Pirate’s Booty

bad poetry

The last we saw of our valiant captain
He’d rescued the fair maiden from the mansion she was trapped in
His crew of dastardly pirates didn’t mind causing a hassle
After sweeping her off her feet he did build her a castle

What he didn’t realise was that she had expensive taste
It was jewels and doubloons she expected with haste
He sent out his crew with their swords and their pistols
He told them not to return without some jewels or some crystals

Upon the seven seas the crew did set sail
Be it light winds or a near force ten gale
They sailed all day and sailed all night
When they saw any other ship they were ready to fight

Crew after crew, taken down, ‘twas no shocker
Each dead sailor was sent down to Davy Jones Locker
The crewless ships were searched from their decks to their hulls
All were left with squat, nothing aboard even for the seagulls

Five hundred ships in all were left looted
The force of the crew could not be disputed
They returned on the tide with the hull over laden
They return with the jewels for the captain’s fair maiden

They sailed into port with the Jolly Roger flying
The captain was happy for what he’d be supplying
With the ship in the dock and booty all counted
The fair maiden was happy and the captain got mounted.


  1. Hey, is it just me or did you notice our posts are not going under squat?

  2. Lol…” the captain got mounted.”
    That’s a lot of work… just for that. Maiden must be awesome! *Giggle*

  3. Right! It’s the lure of his peg leg, lost eye with a patch and most of all the parrot! Who would need loot to entice?

  4. Oh I forgot, ; p

  5. It was so eloquent … until the last line.

  6. where are the links..did I gte conned inti=o donating

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