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bad poetry

A shiver runs down his spine
In the light the knife blade does shine
Await in expectation for the strike
Can feel his blood pressure begin to spike

She traces the knife tip down his chest
Trickles of blood from where it’s been pressed
She carves her initials over his heart
When it stops there’ll be no kick start

Over his stomach red rivulets of blood dribble
Where they join they look like a child’s scribble
“Sign your name on Daddy’s stomach” he hears her say
“And don’t forget to wish him a Happy Birth-day”

She can no longer look him in the eyes
The mask of hatred she wears just a disguise
She struggles to plunge the knife in deeper
Yet she still wants him to be with the grim reaper

He begs her again and again to finish the task
“End me now and in your glory you can bask”
But she can’t do it, she can’t look him in the face
Or in his eyes while she delivers his coup de grace

Buying time until she finds her nerve
In his right arm she slices a neat curve
She have no qualms with causing pain
But killing him outright she can only feign

“Do It! Do it! You’ve told the world it’s what you want”
“If only they could see you now and how it’s left you daunt”
“The words of praise about how you’ve been so strong”
“Mean so little now you can’t play along”

She walks out of sight, ashamed of a job she can’t do
Perhaps it’s because in her mind her thoughts are askew
Thoughts that were once so well acquainted
Thoughts that now remain so wrong and tainted.

It’s then he feels it, as she sneaks up from behind
Her knife and his shoulder blades are now aligned
What she couldn’t do while looking him in the eye
She’ll now do from behind with a cowardice sly

With amateurish skill she plunges the knife in
A knife in the back and she thinks that’s a win?
A cowards attack is all that could be mustered
If only her fans could see her so bloody flustered

He’s no longer feeling the pain of the blade
He’s no longer caring that he’s been played
Like a rook in her game for so many years
He was little more than a loose cog in her gears

All she wanted was his last breath
She now basks in glory, her dance of death
Her fans will never know that fear overpowered
There will be no one around to prove she was a coward

“Goodbye to this world, Goodbye to no one”
“Thanks to my love my life is now done”
“A love that was true, a love that wouldn’t swagger”
“A love you could only end with your bloody dagger”


  1. Valentine’s Day, red blood, heart –I see the inspiration but don’t know if I like it?

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