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Let me go!

bad poetry

They say I wont feel a thing
As the sodium thiopental goes in
There’ll be no taste, there’ll be no aroma
Within seconds I’ll be in a coma
Next comes the saline used to flush
Allows the next drug to go in with a rush
Another IV stream is not a shocker
Pancuronium bromide becomes the blocker

Another saline flush continues the joyride
Just in time for the potassium chloride
There should be no need for a doctor’s treating
Because after number three the heart stops beating

As I lay there looking at my life mate
I know these three drugs are now my own fate
I don’t know where my life took this flection
But now I await the lethal injection.

Into my veins the first injection does creep
I take solace that soon I’ll be asleep
Eight minutes is all it does take
Such a short time until I wont wake

Here comes the second stream
Feeling it makes me want to scream
What’s happening is not what I was told
By now I should be out cold

What the hell is going wrong?
I’m laying here trying to be strong
Someone’s job they have been shirking
Because the lethal injection isn’t working

The third drug is now flowing
My heart rate should be slowing
Instead it’s getting faster
I’m ignored by even the pastor

My harrowing screams cannot be heard
The line between life and death is now just blurred
Why wont they listen to me scream
This has to be the world’s worst dream

I have never in my life felt so much pain
My pounding heart beginning to strain
The drugs my body continues to defy
My brain just keeps refusing to give up and die

Why is no one coming to help me
I’m screaming like a banshee
My beating heart is now so enlarged
But what’s worse is I’m innocent as charged

Please just let me be at rest
I don’t care if I am blessed
I’d rather be innocent and dead
Than laying here screaming in my head


  1. sounds like death bu lethal injection…..

  2. They’ve taken away my ‘like’ button.

  3. So serious….this is why I am against the death penalty. How are you? You worry me.

  4. Damn you got my heart raising. I don’t wish the death chamber for anyone. How did you get such a perspective? -Bruce

  5. OMG. Where do you get this stuff.

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