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bad poetry

I watched you walking that way
I’m not the sort to openly pray
But I do love watching that arse
There’s no other girl with such class
When I look into your sparkling eyes
I know that I won every first prize
I stare, just waiting for you to blink
Each time, further into you I sink

Falling in love was not a choice
Happened like magic when I heard your voice
All that sass, all that style
Lost forever in your smile.

Years have passed, I cannot retreat
I see you, my heart skips a beat
In every room you truly shine
When you’re not there my heart does pine

On top of it all there’s a beautiful mind
A heart and soul that is so kind
A sense of humour that knocks me out
To be in love with you there is no doubt

Rob, me of breath when you walk in
Joy, sends me into a wild tailspin
Way, beyond crazy is where you send me
I’m lost in you and will forever be

I don’t care that you’re not a ten
I have said this time and time again
To me you are beyond any heaven
Because to me you are an eleven.


  1. Moving, touching, beautful, special.
    Mate, some days you just rock it! BAM! Felt that one!

  2. Btw: I recommend you change the header graphic, this poem deserves a beautiful photo intro! : ).

  3. How lovely! A true romantic and a lucky woman in your life to be so adored. Nice!❤

  4. Touching!!!

    Check out my blog also to experience the magic of letters

    Hope you will like it 🙂

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