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Criticise is not a dirty word

So again I look at the word prompt for the day and am hardly surprised by the responses.

Criticise, lets forget that it’s spelt wrong for starters 😛 and concentrate on the usage.

The first few I started reading were comments about how offended people are that someone else chose to be offended and out spoken about something a celebrity had done. Then there was the ones about how bad it is people chose to criticise others. It took about 15 posts before I found someone that could use the word positively.

Sure there is a millions people out there in cyber land who are just sitting there waiting to be told what they should be offended by next. Whether it be a performer’s fat gut, their performance being to close to someone else’s or something the performer said these people wait at the screen to see these pearls of wisdom just so they can tell the world they don’t agree with it. Then a billion more get offended by those comments because some one dared have a different opinion to them. Suddenly half the world is outraged because someone felt the need to criticise someone else.

Ok that’s the way of the world, too many people focus on the negative, too many people would rather be offended and tell the world about it rather than looking for something positive and doing the same thing. That wont ever change but most of these people seem to think their life is made better by pointing out other peoples short comings.

So I guess it’s hardly surprising that so many writers chose to use the word negatively, it’s nearly human nature to do so these days. But here’s a news flash, writers need critics, musicians need critics, everyone needs critics. If we don’t get criticism of what we do we will never improve, we will go along in life thinking what we do doesn’t need improvement. Life is about taking the good and bad criticism and know what to do with it.

I’m more than happy to write a story or poem about trolls in general, it’s fun, it’s a good release and it’s a good way to get out frustration, I’ll never deny that. And while some might see that as feeding the trolls I will never name the trolls or single them out, my attacks are generic and no different to writing a zombie story where all the crazy people get killed first. It’s simply writing in response to a situation.

But every piece of writing I publish I leave it there to be criticised, leave it there for people to comment on. Obviously we all like positive comments but we live in the real world and that is not going to happen. A properly worded and well thought out negative comment can mean as much as any positive comment, but it’s still all criticism and we don’t have to be offended by it. And we certainly don’t have to be offended by the same comments when they are aimed at other people who we don’t even know.

So forget about the celebrities, let them fight their own battles, forget about who the news sites tell you is hard done by, forget about who the tabloid rags tell you to be offended for and think about your own world. Ask for criticism, take it on board, negative and positive, and learn from it and above all don’t get offended by it, criticism doesn’t need to be a dirty word.


  1. Indeed… well said. It is true, today’s prompt was focused on as negative, but I am a believer that it can be a positive word. I write in to local papers, and sometimes people will comment negatively, but my first response is always, “Thanks for reading”. Because someone, I don’t know, and have never met, read (in full) something I wrote!

    • Exactly, and your post was the first one I saw that didn’t throw it in a negative light on the word.

      I’ve always said I like criticism if there is a reason behind it. Just telling someone their writing is shit is not criticism it’s being a dick. Telling someone their writing is shit because it addresses the wrong topics (even if it’s an opinion and not fact) is criticism but the author does not need to take it negatively.

      • I think maybe, people want you to feel the way they do. If you are around, successful driven people, their criticism is meant to bring you up to their level. If you are around the lazy and unproductive, I think they try and run you down with criticism, to bring you to their level. I think writers become jealous that another writer has simply written, that they get vicious.

  2. Properly admonished, L. I agree with you one hundred percent….as long as you’re not talking about me…

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