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The Pirates Return

A pirate does not regret
A pirate does not forget
We sail the seven seas
We do just as we please

When the fair Maiden’s castle fell
The pirates made sure not to dwell
The stolen booty safely in the hull
Flying high the crossbone and the skull

We attacked the castle without remorse
Their defence could not match our force
They could not stop us or our crusade
But now we know mistakes were made.

Our attack was based on bad intel
As we floated silently on the swell
We didn’t realise we were attacking a lady
Our goal was to canon ball Tom Brady

Our fair maiden does deserve better
Than some football playing pecker
We wanted to save her from his grip
With our canons and our warship

With Brady lying on the sand in tears
We became the sum of all his fears
He was unable to stop something so brazen
As we stormed the rubble and took the maiden

With the fair maiden in our midst
She was just begging to be kissed
By a pirate captain oh so brave
Our true leader she did crave

With her home demolished and destroyed
And that silly Brady boy just annoyed
We knew the maiden need to be sated
So her and the captain went and mated

There was more needed that just a phallus
The captain needed to build a palace
His new maiden deserved a big mansion
Because he wasn’t going to get by on just being handsome

So our hero built a castle in the air
A home for his maiden oh so fair
It was built in the blue, blue sky
So instead of floating she could fly

This poem is in response to my pirates attack on the castle a day or so ago which I criticised due to not coming out the way I wanted it. Weirdly enough it was inspired by the following song, but for some reason the song only made the last verse.


  1. This was outstanding! I loved it! A hero indeed! : ). Hugs!

    • Hugs! 🙂 It’s actually struggle to make it work. Not sure if it’s because every time I try to make a pirate rhyme I start singing pirate metal songs and I have to try hard to to plagiarise, or what it is but I struggle when it comes to pirate poems.

  2. Doesn’t read like a struggle, and what’s up with Tom Brady? Everyone here says he’s the greatest! Except me. Not watching football this year.

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