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The Castle Of War

bad poetry

Beautiful castle of war, built on the coast
Reaching the sky, looms like a ghost
Stone and mortar forever standing proud
Looming large, tall spires in the clouds

Down on the beach the castle stands
Defences high she protects her lands
Looking down from watch towers high
Warns of threats when they are nigh

Threats from land stand little chance
Marksmen attack before any advance
Battlements hide the marksmen’s rifle
When weapons are fired attacks are spiteful

Inside the walls there stands a massive keep
Within its rooms the fair maiden does sleep
In her ivory tower so safe and undetected
Our maiden hides thinking she is protected

From the barbican they can see the ocean
Watch the waves crash in a rolling motion
Be it along the shore or along the beach
The impenetrable castle one cannot reach.

From over the horizon and bound for shore
Come my motley crew and my Man-O-War
We are the pirates of the seventh guard
We pillage and loot with no regard

We sail the seas and we ride the waves
Not afraid to meet our watery graves
Each attack we tackle with no remorse
Two hundred strong the formidable force

From beyond the white water is our first strike
Under the cover of darkness we are ghostlike
Ready to fight our pirates are of every rank
No less than twenty canons adorn our flank

Blast after blast canons will light the night
Attack will be swift and we’ll win the fight
Our canon fire shall leave your castle reeling
Amongst the rubble and flames we will be stealing

You’ll have nothing left when daylight breaks
The pirate crew fled the scene with no mistakes
Well leave you tremblin’ we’ll leave you despisin’
By the time the smoke clears we’ll be over the horizon


  1. This is great, made me smile. Wind is up again tonight, so I’ll be battening down the hatches, matey.

  2. Love what you did with it although I wouldn’t have had any idea who Tom Brady was if it wasn’t for the constant Superbowl stuff we’ve been getting lately. We don’t usually her much about the Superbowl here.

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