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Q&A With SWL and LP

Ok so I was asked to answer a few questions…actually the exact words were

“I would love for you to attempt the answers”

So I attempted them and here they are!!

Some days I don’t recognize life.

Technically not a question but it does have an answer none the less. It’s the big hairy thing in the corner at night, we try ignore that it’s there and we hope it will go away but every morning when we wake up the damn thing is still there begging for us to partake.
Don’t Look It In The Eye!!

Is it coming or is it going?

Well it’s both coming and going what hasn’t happened yet is coming and what has happened is going. Concentrate on what is coming and don’t get caught up too much by what is going, let the Langoliers handle it.

Am I moving forward or stepping backward?

You are moving forward, you are actually following me as I am ahead of you and can feel you staring at my butt!

Is it physical or playing out in my mind?

No baby what we have is physical, this can’t be playing out in your mind because they don’t make seat belts for the mind!!

Am I a friend to myself or my own enemy?

This is a question asked by many a sensible person. Those who never ask the question of themselves are too paranoid to realise they can be both and still survive. You often hear people say “you are your own worst enemy,” they are simply jealous because they are yet to realise the power of being both.

Do I like that person in the mirror or wish she was …. more?

I can’t see your mirror from here but trust me if I was looking in it the person is very likeable, loveable and down right charming, there is nothing not to like!

Did I make the right decision or regret the wrong one?

Regret is a powerful word and should be used carefully. You might regret a decision you made right now but that decision could well shape your life in ways you never realise thus making the regret unfounded. Regret is something you can’t avoid, you are human, what you can avoid is letting it eat at your sanity…..let me do that!!

Did I talk enough, or actively listen?

No, one post in 3 days is not talking enough!! As for listening did you hear me singing before?

Was I accepting or judgemental?

We are all judgemental, it’s just that some of us can’t let that judgement go and it taints everything they do and think forever. We all like to think we are accepting of others when in actual fact what we are is accepting of people who do what we like. That’s not accepting, it’s being judgemental!

Did I listen with my heart or speak the voice of understanding?

I can’t speak for today but I know in previous days you’ve definitely done both

Was I in the present today, mindful of the moment?

Well not in my day, it’s 3pm and you haven’t long posted something. (although I did see you like something nearly 12 hours ago when I was asleep)

Did I treat this day as precious; embrace the gift?

Of course you did, you read my stories.

Did life take my breath away?

I tend to think not because you are still breathing but being the caring and sharing kind of person I am I sent you some breath via email…I think I brushed my teeth since I ate all that chilli.

Was it delicious?

The chilli, you bet!

I hope I get to live again tomorrow?

That’s not grammatically correct when worded as a question but you’re a nice person and I wont point that out


  1. Hard questions with great answers!

  2. This is my very favorite post! ❤. HUGE hug! You are such an interestingly unique man. I love it! Thank you!

  3. Happy women, happy home.
    Perhaps both will keep you young forever! : )

  4. Ahhh… I don’t understand? Why would you cry? I’m going to be silly and say… I hope my writing is not that bad, but I know that’s not what you meant. I wonky write it if it will make you sad!!!

    • Okay crying myself to sleep might be a little bit of exaggeration but you do write with power and emotion and some of the feeling you manage to convey is extremely strong. Maybe you just hit a nerve at the right time with some of your writing but either way it’s a great thing. I just wont tell you when you strike that nerve and make me cry 🙂

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