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Photo Inspired Humour

bad poetry

Ok I’m not sure if I am allowed to this because I did blatantly rip the idea, and the picture, off someone else but I liked the idea so much I decided to have a go myself.

I believe the idea was to come up with something humorous about the picture below, so here is my take.

Twenty eight teeth num num nums
Open mouth no place for gums
Metal fangs hear them gnash
Not a mouth you want to pash
Not a place to stick your tongue
Forget about it if you’re well hung
Cause with iron teeth don’t be silly
This is no place to stick your willy.

Next post up I’ll have a go at a picture of my own but I can’t guarantee it will be Clean


  1. Lol… lol… lol… you certainly put the U in humour in this one. It would appear this machine strikes fear in men, so you had best be very careful where you stick your willey! Lol… funny! It made me laugh! : )

  2. Dude, I love reading your posts… I have no choice to follow you. Keep that humor flowing up to the Northern Hemisphere… We got a comedian ‘down under’.

  3. Well I like the teddy bear one better, but that machine is interesting…in a mill? Maybe gears for a grindstone. Now that would be capable of a murderous tale…

  4. Oh, okay, see? Tired! So what do you think it is?

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