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Torch Lights Up.

bad poetry

Last month Santa didn’t leave me a flagon
But the big jolly guy left my wife a dragon
He left him on the chair and not on the porch
He’s cute and he’s blue and his name is Torch

A quiet little fella and maybe just a bit shy
He hid in his box for four weeks, giving us the eye.
Perhaps he was checking if we were all worthy
Before he came out in the open all cute and furry

He must have decided it was ok to break his stocks
Because today the little dragon leapt out of his box
He landed on the table right in front of the kids
They giggled and laughed like someone was tickling their ribs

“Turn him on Mum,” they screamed, “go on make him talk”
Both kids were excited and watched Torch like a hawk
The Blazin Dragon just sat there so meek and mild
Then Mum started to talking to him like he was a third child

Responding to Mum the dragon first started to blink
His ears then did wriggle as if they were in sync
He then twisted his cute head from left to right
And we found out that Torch would not stay quiet

Push on his belly or give him a pat on the nose
He growls and he talks then he strikes a cute pose
The kids are in awe but they know somethings lacking
Something amazing something that’s just cracking

“Give him some water, let’s see what else he can do.”
The kids screamed at Mum in the hope to get through
Mum’s not silly she knew what adding water would create
So she filled up the little tank and depressed the breastplate

With his mouth red like fire Torch started breathing steam
It looked like our pet dragon was blowing his seam
The kids now hysterical and laughing so loud
Breathing fire on their fingers the kids were so proud

But that not all the skills that our cute dragon could boast
For on a stick there was a marshmallow that he would roast
Hold the marshmallow in the stream in front of his face
It would turn brown as if roasted when held in place

So that’s Mum’s cute dragon that Santa did leave
Torch is so much fun the kid’s wont give him a reprieve
He’ll be nodding, blinking, growling and breathing fire
So often from now on he’ll be begging to retire

Oh and if you are wondering who won Kart racing today
Who won the grudge matches, who won the horseplay
There was bombs, there was shells there was run after run
But today’s about Torch so I’m not going to tell you who won.


  1. little dragon will always be little….

  2. So fun! Very creative Mr. Mario Kart Champion. What is his name? Every adorable little dragon needs a name… Mum’s are awesomeness! : )

  3. Hey…. you are a very mischievous writer. You wrote blue… but pasted the yellow link. We call that ornery here in the south, I may have to find an Aussie word from your list. : )

    • Isn’t blue a synonym of yellow? 🙂
      TBH I couldn’t be bothered trying to add another word or verse and I was just going to add the link as a blank space but I thought I’d be silly and see who noticed. 🙂
      Points to you for noticing 🙂

  4. Woop, woop, oh yea! Extra points for me!!! *she’s smilin’*
    I don’t know…. I may need to notify the WP police….. *head shaking*…..

    • If you call the police I might have to remove the points.

      The dragon is sitting on the table next to me trying to get attention. I think he wants to be fed. He’s more demanding than kids and he’s not my toy!!

      Just don’t tel

      • Lol…. you’re just too cute to tell. Besides Torch might have to go into foster care or worse yet, end up with uncle Peter. I’ll take the points… you never know when you might need those! : )

        • I am cute, you’ve seen right through my tough exterior 🙂

          Torch’s owner better take care of him once his flair wears off with the kids. Santa may have delivered the dragon but he needed assistance in deciding what was the right present this year.

          Well you keep track of those points too because I don’t keep running totals of who has the most.

          • Are you sure about that point tracking thing, Mr. Mario Kart champion? Don’t worry, now you owe me a favor…. I’m sure mis-use of link is worth something….. heeeeeee….. : )

            • I have no idea how the point tracking works, I just give them out and wait for people to cash them in. Maybe that’s the wrong way to do it?

              Hmmmmm, I’d say name the favour but I remember the last time I said that to a female!

  5. Rugby843

    Cute story and the dragon looks like ag real win for the kids. Santa knows best!

  6. I want one. This is the cutest thing.

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