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In the roof

bad poetry

Up in the roof there is many boxes
And none of them contain any foxes
One thing’s for sure they’ve lost their sheen
About the only thing in them is polystyrene

They range in sizes from large to small
On some stickers, on some written scrawl
Many pretty pictures but none are of scooters
Boxes that once held all manner of computers

Up in the roof space that have all been thrust
What they have in common is a piles of dust
All of them are cardboard none of them flash
They are also covered in Black Saturday ash

Up in the roof there is also some fans
They were put up there by my own hands
I really should check their electrical connections
‘Cause it’s a long time since I did safety inspections

They too are covered in dust and cobwebs
Playing with 240 volts is just not for plebs
On the blades of the fans spiders do park
Start them up and they are flung into the dark

There is also a fan that hangs from the ceiling in the bedroom
I need to get up in the roof to replace the wiring loom
Obviously I don’t want to put my foot through the ceiling
I’ve done that before and it just ends up in squealing

It’s not a difficult job but it’s one that poses a risk
No matter whether I do it real slow or do it real brisk
All it would take is a few tools and a little re-wiring
It is damn hot up there so I will be perspiring
But there is a good reason I don’t want to go up there
It’s got nothing to do with what’s just and what’s fair
And it’s got nothing to do with any potential problems
It’s because in my roof space there is a damn goblin


  1. Good simple and funny response poem it is

  2. Rugby843

    Your roof? I don’t doubt it a bit! Great poem.

  3. If you are using there you may as well do your safety check and get rid of any flammable material.

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