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Mario Rematch!

bad poetry

Today was the day of the great rematch
I was the one they were trying to catch
The drivers came out begging in hope of a chance
To take on the champ for just one more dance

Miss 4 was full of beans and so full of hope
Her skills she did think, would see her cope
She put up a good battle and drove really hard
She drove that little cart like she had no regard

Then there was Mum who couldn’t help but boast
She made wild claims, that we’d all be toast
She claimed to be kind and not throwing any shells
But we both knew she was casting one of her spells

They were both chasing me, King of the Karts
I love them both but we weren’t playing for hearts
In Mum’s words we were playing, for sheep stations
So I took out that kart without any limitations

Ten races began, battle lines quickly drawn
We soon found out Mum was running a con
The claim of throwing no shells was quickly forgotten
As she tried to take us out we knew something was rotten

Being fair drivers we took it in our stride
Got our own shells and told Mum she should hide
So many races and we all tasted victory
Was all done in fun, no one finished bitterly

We raced and we raced, took on every track
Team racing forgotten as we went on the attack
Sure it was all friendly but kart racing is war
At the end of each race we did check the score

I lost count of how many rounds we had raced
But off the top podium I could not be displaced
Miss 4 did her best and a times kicked our arse
But up on the podium she just couldn’t get past

Mum kept throwing shells and trying to catch up
But she knew in her heart she’d not win the cup
As she tossed every shell we did hear a laugh
I even let her win a few on my behalf

At the end of the racing, when the dust had all cleared
There was no doubt of the result, a winner appeared
The victor drove hard, drove right off the charts
Dad did it again, he is the King of the Karts!!


  1. good ole dad never lets you down…..

  2. Lol…. such a fun post! Love ❤️ It!

  3. Sheep Stations? I may have to hunt up that game and practice for the grandkids.

    • There is a game called Goat Simulator, but sheep stations is a term used to suggest you’re play1ng for everything. If you’re playing for sheep stations you generally don’t care how you play you just want to win at all cost. Don’t you have sheep stations in the US? Maybe it’s only us who play for sheep stations because we have so many sheep.

  4. Rugby843

    I think your WP woes are rubbing off on me. I don’t like the changes in the Reader and they barely have ten of the blogs I read everyday. My search list disappeared, so now I have to find an icon I can click on! And forget trying to get anything spaced right. Updates? Sure…..in your dreams! Ok, done. Thought you’d be okay with my rant. Liked your second race story. Boasting after winning not usual Dad behavior

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