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The darkened den

bad poetry

There hides a monster in the dark
He wants to take out this patriarch
He shows no fear, he shows no mercy
He does not care if he makes me pursy

Sitting in this darkened den
No one around, alone again
Eyes wide open, can’t see a thing
Life black and white, no colouring

Room only lit by the glowing screen
Sounds in the mind are so obscene
Words on the screen jumbled and blurred
Too many words, too many memories stirred

Tied to the chair with invisible bonds
Silent screams, no one responds
Voices inside tell me no lies
They hide the world from my eyes

Finger nails dragged across the table
Trying to escape but still unable
Thrash in the chair trying to break free
My escape, the monster could foresee

Outside the den loved ones are waiting
Can’t see the monster or what its creating
Easier to believe there is no life twists
Don’t want to admit the monster exists

To beat the beast one must work alone
Take him out, remove him from his throne
Refuse to bow down, refuse to cower
To beat the beast, will take willpower

There will be no more cunctation
But there will be devastation
When the beast is taken down
There will only be one to take the crown

I’ll win the fight, I’ll win the battle
I’ll take him down and burn his castle
I’ll be the victor, I’ll take the cup
Just hope those awaiting have not given up


  1. That Monster is a terrible creature! Hate it 🙁

  2. Fighting our own demons.

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