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Mario Kart Racing



There’s no mistake no oversight
I took the flag and won the fight
I kicked arse at Mario Kart
I drove that beast like a dart
I hugged the corners
Kept off the borders
And drove the straights
Like I was on ice skates
Drove the line without any skids
Had no choice but to beat the kids
I threw shell after shell
Causing them all sweet hell
I dropped banana skins in their way
To catch me all they could do was pray
Beating the kids was hardly fair
Been playing racing games too long too care
But my expert driving did get me in strife
Because as well as the kids I beat my wife
Now there is silence across the room
Because upon defeat she got on her broom
She flew away to practice her driving
For my tail she will soon be striving
When the call comes for round two
I will again bid her adieu
She will be left to eat my dust
Because I’ll win again to her disgust!


  1. Love it. Hope she woops ya.

  2. Awesomeness! This was soo fun to read; it brought a smile. : )

  3. Love Mario Kart, haven’t played in forever though. My kids beat me at everything I play these days though. 😛

  4. Fun with the family, and fun to read.

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