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bad poetry

If you want to be successful
You just can’t be forgetful
Argh shit where was I headed with this poem?


  1. That’s a little chuckle.

  2. Anyone would think you’re my age! ; ))))

    • They say people who swear a lot are smart, more honest and know more words than non swearers, they never say anything about how good or bad their memories are.

      • Had an ongoing argument with someone about that.

        • No point arguing if they swear they are smarter than you.

          To be fair I only mentioned it because it was an a rerun of Ellen that was on while I was eating my lunch.

          • Oh he was definitely smarter, just hated swearing. Of course he didn’t work in my same environment.

            • Must be smarter Ellen said so.

              • I have to blame my various working environments and my ability, if you can call it that, of mimicking close work relationship people. It just came out, but no excuses were accepted.

                • I never used to swear when I worked in offices it was just not the done thing just like it wasn’t whilst I was making deliveries as a truck driver but when it was just the drivers or even on the CB’s swearing happened.

                  I used to do computer support for a bus company and it was the same, in the office fixing the computers I didn’t swear even when I did something stupid. But 30 metres away fixing the mechanics computer if swearing happened no one cared.

  3. Epic fail. On success or memory?

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