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Doesn’t Deserve A Title

bad poetry

Kinda over all the shit today
Been yawning since midday
It’s been a struggle to say awake
My typings been mistake after mistake

Spent half the day hunting a defect
In a system the experts say is perfect
In the end I solved the damn glitch
But fixing it is going to be a real bitch

The experts still say the problem’s not there
It’s a problem caused by the idiot in my chair
Despite evidence that their system is screwed
The issues by them wont ever be pursued

Still tomorrow I might get around to a fix
That will see me again up to my old tricks
I wont just be able to read post contents
I’ll be back making the stupidest of comments

I was awake until nearly 3 this morning
By which time I was sick of yawning
Then I continually woke up from 3 until 6
When the kids got up and started their tricks

So now I am so bloody tired bug fixing is not a priority
Despite the fact that the software has an inferiority
And I can’t be bothered finishing this either.
Did I add privacy yet? Or maybe I am just in privacy mode


  1. So it’s still not fixed, then.

  2. So frustrating. Hope you can make your fix permanent soon.

    • I like me too….sometimes 🙂

      I just wish I could comment on websites of the people I like without 15 work arounds, even if they do delete a wonderfully written poem 🙂

  3. If it gets too hard to fix just dump it and buy a new computer; it will save you a lot of aggravation

    • Did you read the post? The problem is not this end. I have traced the problem but those experts who wrote it claim that it’s not their issue. Buying another computer will not solve the issue when the problem lies elsewhere and those elsewhere refuse to fix it, refuse to even admit it’s their issue despite being shown proof.

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