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To those I follow

It has come to my attention this morning that I have been suffering more problems with this wonderful system than I thought.

Today I find out a number of people I follow have fallen off my follow list
My email prompts are not working all the time, but are more reliable than anything else
My prompts are not appearing on the prompt page
My posts are not appearing in the reader
I can not comment on a some sites and those ‘chosen’ sites change daily.

So for those of you who I do read and comment regularly if I haven’t been overly appreciative of your efforts for the last few weeks my apologies (too anyone else I don’t care).

I’m working on this end with 4 different sites and they all suffer these issues randomly, I might be Overworked 🙂 but I wont give up chasing these errors however given that those who are creating these random errors have given up it might be an uphill battle.

In the meantime I’ll try and keep up with those I want to read via email which seems the most reliable (I’m sure it’s only a co-incidence that the most reliable part of the system is one that is independent of the system the errors are coming from).


  1. Thanks for letting us know.

    • I was wondering why you hadn’t been posting, but you and about 20 other people had fallen off my followers list so I wasn’t getting emails. Then when I went to comment on your posts this morning and it wouldn’t show the comments. It knows they are there because it says there is a duplicate message if I post it again but it wont show them.

  2. Very irritating. I can reply to some posts via email which is the best way because half or more don’t show up in the Reader. If someone comments I can get to their site from there, otherwise the search in the Reader doesn’t work.

    • I actually haven’t tried replying by email, but then when my follower list mysteriously dropped 20 odd people it wouldn’t have mattered if email comments worked anyway because I wasn’t getting emails.

  3. Do you do your related posts section or do they pick for you? I see the three rants on the side of this one, hilarious!

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