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A true story

bad poetry


“Hello this is tech support how can I help?”
The voice on the end of the phone did chelp.
“Your call is important, what is your name?”
“Fixing your problem is my only aim.”

“Hello tech support, my system won’t work.”
“These constant damn errors drive me beserk.”
“I log on to your system and bloody thing crashes.”
“No error, no beeping, but the mouse cursor flashes”

“That doesn’t sound right, the mistake must be yours.”
“Because our system is perfect and free from flaws.”
“There’s no errors listed anywhere in our database.”
“The errors must be, on your computer some place.”

“So without asking questions you just blame my system?”
“You don’t care about errors or to look for a symptom?”
“I follow your guidelines, follow all your instructions.”
“None of it works, none of it runs and none of it functions.”

“Excuse me sir but are you qualified to fault find?”
“Our software is advance and very streamlined.”
“I doubt your skill set would be as good as mine.”
“You can’t even see errors when you are on-line.”

“Well thank you support your help has really been great.”
“You blamed everything on me and said I was in-ade-quate”
“With assistance like yours it’s no wonder there’s problems.”
“You’re useless and stupid and should be fed to the goblins.”


  1. I feel your frustration.

    • I have to admit to being that tech support person a few times in my career, although I used different words because I don’t talk in poem on the phone. However it’s getting worse these days it appears every tech support person is trained to work out the quickest way to deflect the problem onto someone else.

  2. I can relate, unfortunately. I’ve given up on calling for help. After explaining the same thing four or five times, I ask to speak to the person in charge who is never there. Not worth the frustration.

    • These days our worst phone calls are the ones that ring us. We get Microsoft Tech Support ring us every week or so telling us that our computers have a virus. Some days they catch me when I am bored and the longest I have spoken to one of these idiots before they hang up on me is 48 minutes.

  3. Oh, forgot. They always say”you are the first person who seems to have a problem with it”. Sure.

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