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Your Love Poem

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It seems it’s the day for challenges and I have to say I like this. Thinking of something to write is not always easy but having people give you inspiration through little challenges is fun.

So Bag Lady this one is for you a genuine love poem, with some aesthetics

So I’ve been asked to write a little ditty
A poem about love, so it can’t be shitty
I don’t appear to have to follow a rule
Girlies don’t be ashamed if it makes your drool

When he first saw her his eyes lit up
She was just perfect for him and his pup
He knew instantly there would be no other
It was a love beyond that for his mother

When she sat in the sunlight she did radiate
A glow that could not help but captivate
It was an aura that would always beguile
She was always the definition of style

One look and you could see her sleek lines
They would be together on the day of Valentines
He planned a lovely day they would not forget
It would be a day he knew he’d never regret

They’d start out by hitting the open road
Being so close to her he hoped is heart did not explode
For the entire trip he knew he’d have a raised heartbeat
Because spending the day with his love was just so sweet

A romantic evening on the beach they would spend
And to a new plane of love they would transcend
Just the two of them alone in the moonlight
No one around, together as one until midnight

The trip home would be all spent in silence
It was a love that would defy all of science
Not the kind that needed to be told she was cute
Just as well because he was in love with his ute.

So there you go Bag Lady I do accept
Here’s a love poem to leave you so windswept
I’ll send it the long way, across the Atlantic
But you can’t deny that it is really romantic

The Challenge is on?


  1. Nothing to say…except a long drag wow…

  2. Is this for the Bag Lady that has a blog about handbags? 🙂

  3. Aww that was lovely and she ain’t no old bag, she lovely ✨✨✨

  4. I confess this made me drool
    It’s so sweet and old school
    I knew you had it in you
    A romantic at heart is true
    So now occasionally we’ll expect
    A sweet and lovely writing treat
    For us ladies that you drive nuts
    No knives or blood or guts!
    : )

  5. Okay, I have to ask, is a ute a wife or a vehicle. Because your answer will determine my answer..

    • Ok I wont answer then 😛

      A ute is a utility vehicle, in the US you seem to call everything bigger than a family car a truck, for us 4wd’s are pretty much family cars now and 4 door 4wd’s with a tray or a tub on the back for carting stuff in is a ute. We don’t make them as ridiculously high or with as big tyres for road use in this country but we also don’t generally call them trucks.

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