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Run A Mile In My Shoes!

bad poetry

Well I can’t resist a challenge so when a sweet Texas lass made mention of the word ‘payback’ I just couldn’t resist. Call it payback, call it a challenge, call it and expectation it doesn’t really matter because I call it fun, I call it finding writing inspiration.

So thank you Miss America and here is my offering, sung to the words of Iron Maiden’s Running Free which when reworded seemed kind of appropriate! 🙂

If you’re not an Iron Maiden fan there is a link below to get the gist of the original song (apologies if your ears are too tender for a bit of heavy metal). 🙂


Just Stinky, in a running race
Out of place and on the chase
Got no pants to call my own
My bum is out and I’m alone

I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free
I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free

Stole some shoes from an Aussie male
And didn’t realise they smelt so stale
He’s got a way to hunt me down
I’m running nakkid, running round

I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free
I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free

Big hill here wont make the top
Puffing, panting just gotta stop
But all the boys are chasing me
My bum is out, they want to see

I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free
I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free

Spent some time hiding in a tree
Waiting for the smell-y Aussie
He wont see me among the plants
I’m hiding here to steal his pants

I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free
I’ve got no pant-ies, I’m running free

Stolen his pants and now his shoes
I’m off again, not gonna lose
The girls have stopped despite their vim
Their standing there laughing at him

He’s got no pant-ies, he’s hanging free
He’s got no pant-ies, he’s hanging free

Challenge accepted from “The Streak (Stink)” : )

Thank you SWL


  1. LOL…mask a bunch of terrible lyrics with electric guitars and drums and you’ll have a hit song

  2. This is brilliant, the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. I literally laughed out loud reading this. I love, love, love it! ❤️no pant’ies, she runs free and then the last lines that say he hangs free…, I still laugh every time I read it. Marvelously creative! I absolutely love it!
    Thank you so much for including me in your fun, I had a such a great time. I think you won that word smack-down… until next time….. : )

    • Awe don’t give up I need something to write tonight 🙂

      I’m glad you liked it, I had fun writing it. I have no idea where the final line came from, I certainly wasn’t thinking it until they words appeared on the screen.

      I’m not accepting the trophy yet either, there’s been no final call 🙂

  3. Never give up…. never surrender… but I am getting sleepy… let’s hope I don’t have writer’s remorse tomorrow! Good night, Ute. : )

    • I love this game, If I give up it will be because you out do me, but I’ll go down fighting 🙂

      No writers remorse allowed, if anything turns out that bad just blame me and say I guest posted 🙂

      Good night sleep well. Truck? 🙂

  4. Lol…. you make me laugh! : )

  5. Ummm… yuck!
    That’s not the stinky we’re talking about-remember, it’s your stinky shoes… shoes..

  6. Lol…. I’m pretty sure I’m not good enough to make that leap from song… I’m not real sure I want to… : )

  7. I’m working on it…
    but I’m overworked….

    • I know the feeling, I just finished some writing and lunch and was doing some hunting into to errors I keep getting with WP and the things I’ve found are amazing but nothing is connected.

      Don’t work too hard, I love the game but don’t want to stress you out 🙂 Hugs!

    • I can’t comment on the other post, they seem to get lost in the system somewhere…..so…

      Loved the new post, a change of direction, a change of attire and alot of fun.

      I may not be allowed back in the reader or prompt, or able to comment properly but I’ll play your game 🙂

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