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Missed my Invitation

Guess I missed another Invitation from WordPress because for two days my posts have not been appearing in the reader.

It’s pointless emailing tech support because all they want to do is say it’s a self hosted issue yet they refuse to work with any host or server to resolve the issue. Sure the expert techs have no obligation to work with web hosts, they don’t even have an obligation to fix their own system but to constantly lay blame on others and never help to resolve the issues just shows contempt. It wouldn’t be so bad getting the “it’s a self hosted issue we can’t fix” excuse if the errors only happened to self hosted sites, but they happen randomly to ALL sites including the premium accounts. Of course there is some who have never suffered the issue and yes I have one (free) account that has never suffered but every other site and the sites of some of my followers have so piss poor excuses saying a paid site is better, or a self hosted site is better are null and void, it’s happening to all sites.

There are a few work arounds to circumvent some of the errors that the WP reader, prompt and comment system create but one shouldn’t have to go to those issues.

So WordPress techs fuck you, your premium service sucks, your free service sucks and your hosted service sucks because you either don’t care about your users or don’t know how to fix your own system. I bet if BBC America, Sony Music or MTV sent you and email telling you the system had even the smallest glitch you’d jump to their attention, you’d probably even bend over and let them show you how to fix the problem. If you want to offer me the same service I’ve got a sledge hammer here I can fix your problem with!!


  1. Well I’m still getting you. Via email. I hate the reader.

    • Yeah email seems to be about the most reliable way. The reader has been screwed for ages and for different reasons. They changed it a few weeks back and it fixed a few issues but I had to cull my follow list to make it even load. When I was getting more than 30 or so new posts in the reader over night the thing would crash, once I dropped the number of followers it started loading again. They should give you the option of what you want to see in the reader like you can choose who you want emails from.

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