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Inspiration strikes

bad poetry

I went to bed earlier than you and your pen
But we both went to bed not long after ten
We both got the same amount of sleep
But I got up hours before you and was beat

When you finally got around to greeting the day
Showered, breakfasted and done your hairspray
All you wanted me to send was all the good bits
You didn’t want the parts that gave me the real shits

Then I find out that you nicked my sneakers
I thought I hid them well behind the speakers
But for stealing my shoes and being a free loader
You now have to share my aromatic foot odour

I know some think it’s weird I once owned pink shoes
But then you went and stole them with no excuse
You say they’re now yours because you go running
And because you think they just look stunning

On your run in my shoes you will be thinking
“My god what is that thing that is stinking.”
In your first race the crowd will be thinned
Because no one will want to stand down wind

While running you may ask why the sky’s blue
And the answer is because I sent it to you
Along with the sun, the heat and the cold ale
Which I promised you I’d send via email

Last we spoke I was looking for inspiration
But all I managed was a case of cunctation
If you look it up it means I was procrastinating
Watching TV instead of doing a heap of writing

So now I am coming to an end of this ditty
Even though you stole my shoes I’m not shitty
I hope those pink stinkies give you the pace
To run faster and win every single race

Just in case you hadn’t yet realised this
There is something I deliberately did miss
Although I’m sure it’s something to sprout
I did ensure that I left your behind out


  1. Love, love, love! ❤. Hugs!
    Coming soon …

  2. love this poem. I have pink running shoes, but I don’t run.

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