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The Creature Unseen

bad poetry

He says the creature remains Unseen
The hideous creature so obscene

He says the creature lurks in the shadows
He says the creature wears no clothes.
He says the creature sits and snarls
He says the creature uses silent gnarls
He says the creature has him in it’s sights
He says the creature nips and bites

But never once does the creature near
But he knows it’s there and fills him with fear

Once upon a time the creature was his own
When he tried to fight it he was overthrown
It took a time to defeat the hungry beast
It took so long for it’s pull to be decreased
When he finally came out from underground
He hoped that the creature had been drowned
With hope and help he looked for a booster
Darkness gone he thought he’d found a future

But evil has a way to survive
It’s bastard creatures rarely die
Now he’s back and wants revenge
It’s attempted death it will avenge
He says the creature has returned
The creature did not like being burned
He says the creature must be slayed
He said the final price will be paid.

For those of you with some concern
About the creature he does want to burn
Do not fear, the creature is not his wife
The creature’s now here to take her life
The creature does not need any guidance
The creature he fights is named silence.


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