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The capable writer

bad poetry

You are an author so capable
Able to create characters so shapable
You forever lose me in your prose
In the brilliant words that you compose
Your writing style just has flair
And to very few it does compare
With your ability to bait hooks
You really should be writing books
Be it a first or second draft
You show excellent writer’s craft
Be it short stories or be it poems
I love where your mind roams
This is not me kissing your arse
And it’s not me making a farce
Your many following readers do agree
But it sounds different coming from me
So please accept my heartfelt praise
I hope one day your writing pays.


  1. You are softening up as we speak…..

    • Not really, I’ve written a number of poems that mirror this over the last few months.
      They are serious poems, and I’d move mountains to get said author published but they are just poems, nothing to do with softening up or going pyscho or anything like that.

  2. Ha Ha! That last line puts everything into perspective.

    • Yeah unfortunately it does. I’m in a similar position, several things I want to sell but not sure the best way to go about it yet. There is plenty of options I just don’t know the best option. Said author above needs to finish something to sell first, it’s hard enough to sell one finished book selling 5 un-finished books is near impossible.

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