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bad poetry

Someday girl I might, just give up on you
Someday maybe you’ll make oh so blue

Someday maybe I wont see the gleam that’s in your eye
Someday maybe I’ll stop being your number one ally

Someday maybe I wont see that rose upon your cheek
Someday maybe I wont hang off every word you speak

Someday maybe my love for you might develop a slight waver
Someday maybe every minute with you I wont try to savour

Someday maybe being with you will be something I don’t desire
Someday maybe being close to you wont set my heart on fire

Someday maybe girl you wont fill my every dream
Someday maybe thoughts of you wont make my heart rate scream

Someday maybe I wont lie awake listening to you breathe
Someday maybe I wont look at the sheets and wonder what’s beneath

Someday maybe when you leave the room you wont leave me yearning
Someday maybe when you touch my skin you wont leave me burning.

Someday maybe I will learn not to speak in tongues
But Baby as CCR once said Some Day Never comes.

For Someday (alt. lyrics) click here.


  1. Oh, you’re at it again……love it.

  2. Ohhh… “speak in tongues” *Giggle*
    I loved this! : )

    • Thanks 🙂 This one came kind of easy over breakfast. I knew the first line and the last line I just had to make the rest work 🙂
      Beats the crap out of doing what I did last night 🙂

  3. This was good!
    I’m happy someday never comes….

  4. Thank you for the warning… I’ll see tomorrow! Good night! : )

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