Someday (alt. lyrics)

bad poetry

Someday girl I might just forgive you
Someday maybe you will not make me blue

Someday maybe I’ll be able to see out both eyes
Someday maybe I’ll be able to remove this disguise

Someday maybe the bruises will fade from my cheek
Someday maybe you’ll listen to the words I speak

Someday maybe standing up wont see my legs a-waver
Someday maybe a day without an insult I will be able to savour

Someday maybe when the pain is gone I’ll remember my desire
Someday maybe I’ll be released from the flames of your fire

Someday maybe I’ll get another chance to dream
Someday maybe I just wont have a need to scream

Someday maybe I will not need medical assistance to breathe
Someday maybe you’ll get over your hate and wont have to seethe

Someday baby you’ll stop hurting me and freedom I’ll no longer be a-yearning
Someday baby you’ll stop the abuse, you’ll stop the insults, you’ll stop the burning

Someday baby you’ll learn not to speak in tongues
But baby I ain’t silly as CCR said Some Day Never Comes


  1. The opposite, right, or was that left? I’m confused!

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