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Choose Your Own Adventure

So for today (which is Someday) we have a little exercise in what could be stupidity, (for several reasons).

What started out as a poem that didn’t know where it wanted to go after one line has now become two poems and possible the shortest ever choose your own adventure story. I have tried something like this before and despite the fact that it wasn’t that well ‘liked’ it was well viewed. So with that in mind and the idea of continually changing things just for the sake of doing something different here it is.

For the Femme Fatale poem click here.

For the Femme Fulfilled poem (which may not be very good) click here.

To abuse me for being silly click over there ——->


  1. Hilarious. It’s like a Chinese restaurant menu, pick one from column a……

  2. Well I think it was pretty clever.

    • I can’t take all the credit, I’ve tried it once before and it’s the most basic form of a Choose Your Own Adventure book (pick a link and read a story, go back follow the second possibly related story). It could easily be elaborated on and extended to make it work like the books but I don’t have the inclination.

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