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A poem for the ladies

bad poetry

Six foot one and a little chunky
Apparently this guy is also hunky
Many hearts does this guy break
The girlies say he’s some beefcake

Changes his hair like he changes his jocks
Each new role he no doubt changes his socks
Poofed up, shaved off or just brushed down
Seems that most of the time his boofhead is brown

His googly peepers are apparently green
That’s the same colour as most drag queens
It’s sad for him but he must be embarrassed
Because he hides eyes but will go bare-assed

He’s barely lived, he’s not even forty
However his bio says he has been sporty
But he lacks the ability to read a thesaurus
His most redeeming feature is, he’s a Taurus

In Magic Mike he played a half baked dancer
The girlies realised he had an antler like Prancer
To see him recently, like he was on the Ellen Show
He’d be better off playing a great ball of dough

In Jumpstreet he played the doofus role down to a tee
I swear he was so stupid he needed instructions to pee
The second movie was set in and around a university
Apparently clinging to the doofus role shows diversity

In White House Down he played a protective dad
Muscles and guns and as smart as a note pad
He improved a little by the end of the movie
But he was still acting like a bit of a floozy

That’s right this poem is all about Mr Tatum
Some girlies would prefer him over bacon
Seems to me he’s more popular, without a shirt
But I think he’d look best in a red gingham skirt.

So here you go girlies a poem for your fetish
And below for you all in case you are peckish
A sweet little pici of this the cute fluffy duck
The topless toy boy beefcake you all want to ogle


  1. Ogle. Very cute.

  2. He’s not my type, but very well done!

    • He’s not mine either, I think he plays a good doofus but that’s it. But it was requested so I did it when I couldn’t think of anything else.
      If you have a beefcake request maybe I can make fun of him in a poem 🙂

  3. This made me laugh-out-loud…. love it!!! ❤️. Not him… you…are so fun! This has been my most delightful post of the day! BIG smiles! : )

    • Someone dropped a few hints, I thought I read the hints right, and I couldn’t figure out what else to write so I decided to do a request night 🙂

      Sometimes requests are fun and a bit of a challenge even if I have to write about some beefcake the girlies dream about.

  4. Consider the girlies pleased! : )
    I love request night…

    • Haha I can’t guarantee success every time but requests do give me something to think about. I just have to tear my eyes away from the beefcake images long enough to concentrate on the poem/story 🙂

  5. Request night? Hmm ? I have an idea for a murder mystery. Interested?

  6. You’ve totally made me smile. So glad I found my way to your blog and your poetic words. Not sure about the beefcake though!

    • Thanks 🙂 Beefcake is a contentious issue, some women seem to love the big doofus beefcake, others seem to hate him. TBH the poem was purely done because someone requested I write about him, I prefer my beefcakes not as doopey as that one 🙂

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