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An uneven fight!

bad poetry

Welcome home my dark little fiend
I’d really hope you’d been quarantined
I wished for you be dead and forgotten
I wished for you to be buried in your coffin

You once crawled inside my mind
Burrowed in and left me blind
The outside world ceased to exist
Couldn’t see what I’d dismissed

Twisted nerves, distorted memories
Gave up looking for simple remedies
Once you were in twas like tapping a vein
Took so little to influence the brain

Dragged me right into the darkness
You wanted to leave me but a carcass
You wanted to steal my last breath
You little bastard you thrive on death

Death of those powerless to fight you
Those too weak to find the breakthrough
But your Achilles heel was left too exposed
You had no idea I could leave you deposed

I’ve beaten you once, I’ll beat you again
So bring it on, I’ll reign down the pain
This time you wont stand a single chance
I’ve got your number and I’m ready to dance

So welcome home my dark little fiend
Because you haven’t yet been quarantined
I just wont rest ‘till you’re dead and forgotten
I just wont rest ‘till you’re buried in your coffin


  1. “I’ve beaten you once, I’ll beat you again”, nice line.

  2. This also, tough for me because, well you know why. The blackness easily overtakes some people.

    • I agree.
      It’s not my best effort but I was got too far with it to give up.

      • I wanted to add I think it’s one of your BEST efforts. It shows how our minds are so complicated and a little of the struggles you can go through. Very real for some people, horrible. That’s why I think it shows great insight.

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