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bad poetry

Trapped in your mind
Infinite scenarios play out
Keeping you forever blind
And always in, undeniable doubt

You tell yourself that you’re okay
You tell yourself you are fine
It’s your own life that you slay
Because you don’t see the sign

Closed to all of those around
Open to those that you can’t touch
Always hiding away your frown
Concealing everything oh so much

Lost in a closed world of yourself
So desperate to just get out
Feels like sitting on a shelf
All the world sees is a moopy pout

Can’t ask for help, don’t know how
Seek solace in the written word
Living in yesterday, forget the now
Life needs to stop be-ing deferred

Make up stories to keep the hate alive
Those who want to help thrown aside
The faceless ones encourage your hate to thrive
Easy to forget the grace, forget self pride

Never forget those standing near
They are the ones with the helping hand
Never forget those who hold you dear
They’ll always be your emotional stand


  1. Very nice, reminds me of someone. But good thoughts.

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