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The Devil

bad poetry

You can’t talk to the Devil
At least not on the level
The conversation all one sided
The outcome pre-decided

Allow the Devil to be housed
You will be forever choused
No argument that you can win
The Devil is always the kingpin

Dare not ever lose your cool
Because all you’ll get is ridicule
On laughter they all will choke
You will be the Devil’s sick joke

Get the Devil inside your head
And your life will soon be led
You’ll be removed of your ambition
And be beaten into submission

When the Devil holds all the cards
You heart will be ripped and torn in shards
You wont be finding no loophole
The Devil will take your soul

As the darkness descends
There wont be making no amends
When the Devil takes the throne
You’ll be given no chance to atone

There’ll be no glow or even shine
The Devil feeds through the mainline
Tapping the vein for all it’s worth
It’s the Devil’s happiness and mirth

You’ll open up your heart
Just to have to ripped apart
You wont be sleeping much at night
Because the Devil is always right

But alas it’s a life I wouldn’t trade
Sharing my life with the Devil maid
And being ruled from up above
Because it’s the Devil that I love


  1. Wow. Do you write for a living, cos you are really good.

  2. Spend more time, please, inbetween all that “woman’s work”. Interesting poem.

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