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Response to Daily Picture Prompt 29

In response to Daily Picture Prompt 29
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I’ll be as specific as I can 🙂

Daily Picture Prompt 29

“What are you pointing at Bob?”

“You need to go to that pub over there.”


“It’s the best place for picking up girls and you keep telling me you are always looking for love in Alderaan places!”


  1. I just wrote in the Reader, “why does it say I’m the first to comment on this?” Pushed reply, and got an error message. See? That’s why! But I loved it! Dang controllers.

    • Very few liked my Star Wars pun, but I wasn’t in my own reader and it took me three goes to get into the prompt page.

      • I think that the replies just aren’t coming through. I tried again and it failed.

        • Nah the views were there. I might have offended all the Star Wars Geeks 🙂
          Errors were happening yesterday when I posted but I just got an error too, tried and other way and it worked.
          Bloody system!! Comments should be handled like email, at least gmail bloody works!
          The comment system is screwed.

  2. I liked your pun. very cute.

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