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Use specific in a sentence

bad poetry

Another Saturday night
And I got nothing to write
It’s still annoyingly hot
And I’m sitting on this yacht

No, No, No, that is just a untruth
I’m actually standing in a phone booth
The public pay phone in the booth is totally broken
Which is a real bummer cause I’m so outspoken

Apologises to you but I told you fib
There is no phone box. Who stole my rib?
Apparently no one it’s a widespread myth
Aren’t you glad I’m such a wordsmith

I’m actually sitting with my feet up, in an armchair
Wearing very little ‘cept a smile and my underwear
I did say it was hot so you should excuse the attire
But I think it’s also been proven that I’m a bit of a liar

The company is pleasant no word of a lie
She’s just over there, so she’s very nearby
That cute little laugh slays me each time
She’s a hell of a lot better than this silly rhyme

But I best not praise her, too much more
Cause if she does read this I’ll, be out the door.
Breaking back in, through the house I will creep
I’ll wake up in the morning to find I was stabbed in my sleep

But life is not lived unless on it’s right on the edge
Can’t hide my affection even behind the big hedge
So no more nice words about the company I share
The company being she, over there in the chair

So now I must find something else to talk about
Yanks should figure out how to use a roundabout
Although it hardly matters how their traffic flows
Cause the crazy buggers drive on the wrong side of the roads

That’s not all, those crazy Yanks can’t be shown
Apparently the fools don’t know what is a scone
But if you’d really like to be my American invitee
Come here and show me how you would root for me

How the hell did I go from yachts to rooting
From phone boxes to, American recruiting?
Guess I should retract the wonderful job offer
And go back to being a ridiculous author

Oh no things have just turned really terrible
Gone from worse to un-bloodybareable
Almost got to the stage of being horrific
Cause now I have use the word Specific.


  1. “But life is not lived unless on it’s right on the edge”, very true.

  2. You came to specific and your post is terrific.

  3. Let’s be specific, I like your writing.

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