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Twisted Fairytale

bad poetry

How ‘bout a punch upside of your head
Diamond ring ensures your skin will shred
With careful aim the swing will be simple
The rock you gave me will strike the temple

Or maybe you’d prefer a bloody nose
Tempted you are but you can’t oppose?
Surely it’s not ‘cause you like the pain
It’s because from me you can’t abstain

You love the feel of my hands, on your throat
Wrapped around tight like a steel garotte
Crushing windpipe makes it hard to breathe
From your writhing squirms I feel you seethe

With arms around your panting chest
You know with me your truly blessed
At times your heart may struggle to beat
But the more you beg the more I mistreat

A lovers tap or a sucker punch, to the gut
You’ve got no idea how I like my smut
I take pleasure when your kidney’s bruised
When you’re in pain I’m never more amused

A gentle caress my hand cups your balls
Twist and squeeze ‘till your heart rate stalls
I get pleasure from your screams of agony
I hear your pleas, you’re loosing sanity

Lost count how many times you’ve bled
Must be hundreds since the day we wed
I bet you’re glad you made me your wife
But you never envisaged this life of strife

From you for years I hid my demon
But marrying you gave him his freedom
Fear not my man I wont let you die
Without you to punish I would surely cry

His reply

I go to sleep with dreams in my mind
I’ve never met a woman so lovingly kind
It’s my life and I owe you a debt
I love you more than the day we met


  1. Sounds like a couple made for each other!

  2. Somebody watched Scrooge recently.

  3. You really have a dark side, don’t you.

  4. Rugby843

    Let’s just say you have been finding it for a while and now youre reveling in it! Now, you’re under my spell….write more truck stories, write more love poems, write more truck stories……..you are feeling very sleepy………

    • I write more love poems and people take them the wrong way. I write murder and pain and people think I’m a psycho. I write truck stories and eventually I will run out. Damned if I do damned if I don’t maybe I should just write smut.

      • Rugby843

        I don’t think you’ll run out of any stories very soon. Smut? Not my fave, but like you said before, easy to write. And who’s damning you?

        • Actually no one is lately, but a few weeks ago I copped shit left right and centre, it was amazing. Considering all the sick things I write you’d reckon I’d cop shit foe them but no, it was for all the romantic/love poems and some of the stories. I don’t care about trolls and I will write about them but it just seemed weird what they picked on.

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