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Does Not Deserve A Title

So tired, falling asleep
Will go to bed and
be awake all night

Why did I bother staying up?
Was it for the stunning company?
Was it just to be with you?
Was it because I just can’t give up?
Was it just to hear a song that may have once made you think of me?
Was it cause it’s easier to sleep in the chair than the bed?
Was it because getting up just seemed like too much effort.
Was it every one of those reasons and so many more

So it’s nearly time for the prompt
And I haven’t got anything else written
It’s been a stinking hot day
And we had to go out for dinner
Still I enjoyed that immensely
And I think you know why
But by the time we got home I was too knackered to write
So I wondered what the hell I’d offer up for the prompt.
But then I remember that I’d written over 4000 words today
I’d written a story and added to a serial
I’d typed and I’d typed and I’d typed and I’d typed
So the fact that a post was needed to make up the prompt
Really means nothing and I don’t need to try


  1. Your writing is so fun to read. It brings a smile! : )

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